Secondary News & Highlights

Dear Parents,

Welcome back! We trust that you and your children are looking forward to a wonderfully productive and engaging 2020.

2019 Year 12 OP results 

Congratulations are extended to the 2019 Year 12 cohort on completing their schooling and our best wishes go with them. Forty-five students excelled by scoring in the OP 1 to 10 range with our College Dux, Sophie Kingsford achieving an OP1, along with Robert Burton.

Mobile Phone Policy and Smart Watches

This is a courteous reminder that students may not use devices like smart watches and mobile phones to access the internet while on campus. Students may only access the internet on their laptops and through the College intranet. Should students choose to wear a watch, a simple digital, analogue or GPS only watch is more appropriate. Mobile phones must be switched off during the school day and kept secure in student lockers.

Class Changes

Class lists are determined based on teacher observations and experience and students are allocated according to what will best suit them. Generally, Form class groupings will not change significantly. Applications for subject changes may occur up until the tenth day of the semester. Subject changes will generally be approved, provided there is still space in the class.


Each year brings with it new staff and we welcome the following to our College. We pray God’s richest blessing upon their time with us.

A very enthusiastic and warm welcome from the Secondary department to Mr Paul Sterling. Along with the new Principal we have a number of other new staff for 2020. With maternity leave, promotional positions elsewhere, retirements and the usual change in circumstances our list of new staff is longer than usual. The skills, abilities and character of our new staff has created such a positive sense of expectation for 2020.

Our new teaching staff:

Mr Robin Grant (Director of Careers and Student Services); Mr Wayne van den Bos (Director of Senior Phase); Mrs Leanne Paulsen (Innovation & Learning Leader: Food and Textiles Technologies 7-12); Mr Andrew Marshall (Innovation & Learning Leader: Science 7-9); Miss Rhiannah Boch (Dance & Drama); Mrs Ellen Bryant (Science); Ms Nina Johnson (Legal Studies); Mrs Kristina Chapman (Film, Media & Maths); Mrs Sarah Roberts-Thomson (Science); and Mrs Paula Willis (Hospitality); Mrs Meghan Deam (English/Humanities).

Non-teaching new positions are:

Mr Mark Missenden (IT Director); Leah Bleijie (Curriculum Administrator); Mrs Lauryn Railton (Community Engagement Officer); “Chef” Ben Albrecht (Canteen Manager); Ms Rose Martin (Dramatic Arts Admin Assistant)

 Dedication Service

The Secondary Dedication Service will be held on Thursday, 30 January at 8:30am in the Church for Years 10 to 12 and the Auditorium for Years 7 to 9. Students from Years 10, 11 and 12 are to wear their College blazer. All boys are expected to wear ties.

The Dedication Service is an event to dedicate the coming year to the Glory of God. Parents are welcome to attend. Due to seating limitations, we are requesting Parents RSVP to Secondary Administration by 9:00am on Wednesday 29 January if intending to attend.

New Student Orientation – Years 7 to 12

A new student orientation session will be held on Launch Day, Thursday 23 January at 8:00am in the Performance Theatre for Secondary students who are new to the College this year. The majority of new students will be coming into Year 7. Friday 24 January 7:30am-9:30am is for current families who were unable to attend on Thursday to Collect iPads, laptops and textbooks only. No classroom visits.

First Day Procedure for Secondary Students

Students from Years 7 to 12 will commence school on Tuesday 28 January. Secondary students are to move directly to their respective Form class at 8:30am. Assistance will be available in the Middle School undercover area for students needing further explanation or guidance. As the majority of administrative tasks have been completed at Launch Day, teaching and learning will commence immediately. Students who were unable to attend the Launch Day will be able to collect textbooks and forms during the first few days of term. Form teachers will direct these students to Student Reception for assistance.

Laptops for 1:1 Program

Students from Years 7 and 10 will receive laptops on Launch Day and will need to attend the appropriate information session. At this session, staff will ensure the laptop syncs to the network to acquire the necessary profile, following the student successfully logging on. Parents are requested to discuss the contents of the ICT User Agreement and Laptop Policy, available on Parent Lounge, with their children. Each student also needs to develop the routine of charging their laptop overnight so that they arrive at school each day with their laptops fully charged.

College House Sport Carnivals

The College sporting carnivals are an important part of College life and attendance by all students is compulsory. If unable to actively participate, it is still expected that students attend and participate by assisting and supporting. We appreciate and value parental support on this matter.

The swimming carnival is the first carnival for 2019 and will be held at the Genesis Aquatic Centre on Friday 7 February. Details of the carnival will be distributed closer to the event. Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend and support their children, also to offer their services as a volunteer. If you are able to assist, please make contact Secondary Reception.


Secondary School photographs will be taken on Tuesday 4 (Years 9 to 12) and Wednesday 5 February (Years 7 & 8). Students are reminded to ensure their hair is in line with the uniform policy. In the past, some students have returned to school with haircuts that are barely compliant and two weeks later they have had to have another haircut. Further information on school photographs will be distributed closer to the event.

Students returning to school are to ensure that their uniform and grooming are compliant. Students who are unable to meet the set standards will receive disciplinary consequences. I would like to especially alert parents with secondary age girls that highlights, foils and other hair styles that result in two colours contravene the uniform policy and will involve unnecessary expense for parents in rectifying the problem. Boys are not permitted to colour their hair, have any shaved lines or hair shorter than a #3.

Girls with significant skin conditions are permitted to wear concealing products on the provision of a medical practitioner’s letter. It should be noted that these exemptions are valid for six months and the College requires written confirmation from the doctor should this need to continue. These letters are to be given to the relevant Care and Conduct Leader.

Uniform – Sport Shoes

Please note that sports shoes worn with the sport uniform must be predominately white, recognised running cross training, netball, tennis or low-cut basketball shoes which provide good foot support. Fashion sports shoes that do not provide ankle and arch support i.e. skate shoes, Volleys, canvas slip-on or Converse shoes are not permitted. Only white shoelaces are acceptable in sports shoes. Shoes must be kept clean and in good condition. Should a specific shoe be prescribed by a medical practitioner (GP, Podiatrist or Physiotherapist) and it is not available in white, written notification is required by the College. This documentation is to be provided to Student Reception so that the appropriate staff can be notified. If you have submitted this in the past you are reminded that this evidence is required annually; however, there is always an expectation that every effort is still made to choose a predominantly white shoe, when possible.

Student Absence for an Extended Period

Parents are requested to provide reasonable notice should their secondary aged child be absent for an extended period of time. While the Care and Conduct Leaders will happily coordinate compiling catch-up work, this may take some time to gather. This is of even greater importance if a student is going to be absent for assessments. In Years 11 and 12, missing assessment has implications, in terms of obligations and levels of accountability to the QCAA (Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority), and the College strongly discourages families from planning vacations that cause students to miss classes. If being away during an assessment period is unavoidable, a letter of request, addressed to the Head of School – Secondary, should be provided well in advance so that appropriate advice can be given, and effective strategies put in place. Family holidays are not a reasonable reason for school absence and is not acceptable to comply with the QCAA.

Japanese Sister School Visit 

The College values parental support in hosting students from our sister school, Minokamo Junior High in Japan. Thank you for all our families who are taking part in the home stay. The Japanese students will be in class from Monday 2 March – Friday 6 March.

Library Opening Hours and Supervised Study Sessions

The library, including computer facilities, will be open from 7:50am for students. The library will close at 4:00pm each day. The library is available for students to study, read and do research. The library is not available as a place for students to bide their time while waiting for parents to collect them. In place of the previous afternoon academic support sessions, we now provide (Flourish) which will be held in L3, 8:00am to 8:20am as follows, Mondays – Senior School Maths and Science; Tuesdays – Senior School English and Humanities; Wednesdays – Middle School English and Humanities; Thursdays – Middle School Maths and Science. All welcome, no prior registration is required.

The entire Secondary department are eagerly awaiting the return of the students on Tuesday.


Stuart Taylor

Head of School – Secondary