Secondary News & Highlights


Have you noticed how good it feels to be a QUEENSLANDER!? I don’t train with them, I can’t tackle, I don’t even run drinks onto the field for them; but I feel so good supporting and cheering for the Maroons. I feel very much a part of the Qld State of Origin family.

Being at Genesis is so much like that for me. I don’t represent Qld or Australia, but our students do and that makes me feel good because we are a team. I can’t reach the highest of academic endeavours, but our students do and I am so proud for us. I can’t sing to save my life, but our students sing like angels. I don’t dance (quite literally, I am Gumbi), but our students amaze us all with their talent and pride bursts forth from my heart. I can’t run an amazing Chapel experience, but our students do this week after week and I am blessed because of it.

The Genesis student is the full package. They are challenged by a Christian compass. They use their knowledge and skills to serve others. They show compassion to make others belong to our broad family. They stretch themselves to be more creative, athletic and academic. And, we come in all variations of strength in that package.

To belong to a strong team is such an important part of life. I tell everyone how thankful I am to be part of our big family at Genesis.


Stuart Taylor
Head of School – Secondary