Secondary Highlights

As tempting as it is to fill my final newsletter with words like ‘unprecedented’, ‘COVID’, and ‘Christmas’; my ambition is to avoid this.

There is a very real sense that staff and students are looking towards 2021 as an optimistic horizon. It is surprising how simple things can give bright hope, how new beginnings fill us with possibility.

As more communication comes about Launch 2021 (the week prior to school resuming), please make time to have your children collect everything they will need for classes on Day 1 and sign-up for the many co-curricular endeavours that enrich their schooling experience.

A new school year is also a time for new school clothes to fit those rapidly growing teenage bodies. I am looking forward to seeing boys with size 10 feet wearing size 10 socks (it might be time to throw out those smaller ones) and tall torsos wearing shirts that stay tucked in! Please review the shoe policies as well, as I’d hate for you to buy shoes needlessly. A particular reminder would be that Sport shoes are to be predominantly white.

The new school year will also see us enjoying the College’s performance of Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical. The cast and crew have shown enormous determination and resilience to ensure an amazing start to 2021. Performances are in Week 3 of Term 1, and tickets go on sale in early 2021.

My Christmas encouragement to one and all, is to declare to each other at the end of your Christmas lunch how you have become stronger throughout 2020. The unprecedented COVID challenges have been met and overcome. We are more resilient, more connected and more purposeful.

Then give thanks to our Lord for His steadfast love; for He so loved the world, that He gave us Jesus.


Stuart Taylor

Head of School – Secondary