Secondary Highlights

Welcome back!

I would like to extend a vote of appreciation to our families for the smooth start to the academic year. Despite facing delays to the start of Term and increased COVID restrictions we have enjoyed a very positive first half of Term. Mum; dad; your parenting is paying dividends!

Likewise at College we invest heavily into the lives of our students so they face our ever-changing world with confidence. Our intention is that they care for, nurture and delight in this life and are always agents for the common good.

The year has already seen a number of very successful events- the Dedication Service acknowledged our thankfulness to God for His provision; the Leadership Commissioning Service focussed our attention on our corporate vision; and, the Championship and House Swimming Carnivals celebrated a tremendous sense of excellence and House spirit. I am very much looking forward to the Cross Country on 10 March and expect to see all in attendance.

Our ATAR results from December 2021 were outstanding:

Also, keep an eye on the App tomorrow for an exciting update on our plans for House spirit this year… here’s a sneak peak below!

Kind regards,

Stuart Taylor

Head of School – Secondary