Secondary Highlights

Secondary Highlights 

I love Term 4; and not just because the Christmas holidays can be heard jingling in the background!

I love the way in which we get to celebrate the amazing achievements of our students. I love the Presentation events and the farewells to Year 12. I love the way in which the College community can come together and honour the students’ application to all areas of school life.

Our Co-Curricular Presentation Ceremony was a great success with the awarding of close to 300 certificates and trophies. These achievements are made for the roar of crowds, the applause of audience and the admiration of peers. In Week 2 the Secondary school was the crowd, we were the audience that these great endeavours deserved. Thank you to the parents who were able to attend this school time event.

We have also been blessed through the Dance Showcase and The Pictures. What an amazing variety of talent! It is a blessing from God that we enjoy the greatest of co-curricular opportunities here at our school.

At the Senior and Middle School Presentation Ceremonies we get to acknowledge the best qualities of Genesis. The ones we strategically plan for and strive in earnest to achieve. We celebrate achievement in sport, service to the school and broader community; excellence in the arts; character that reflects Christian values; academic distinction; and student leadership. We will get to see first-hand the outstanding quality of our bands, dancers and choirs.

We celebrate the Genesis Student; the work product, as it were, of parents and teachers seeking the common good in the life of your children/our students. We give thanks to our God for His provision, gifting and enabling.


Stuart Taylor

Head of School – Secondary