College Swimming Carnival 

Congratulations to all students involved in the College Swimming Carnival. I would like to thank the House Captains, staff and the Genesis Sports and Aquatics Centre for their efforts and support to ensure the Carnival ran smoothly. Well done to Kirralee H and Isaac H who were named as the Genesis Swimming Captains for 2021. This year the Swimming Carnivals were run separately with a Middle and Senior School overall House Champion.  

2021 Swimming Carnival Results and Age Champions 

Middle School Carnival 

Overall Standings 

  • 1st – Shiloh 
  • 2nd – Bethel 
  • 3rd – Gilead 
  • 4th – Jericho 


House Spirit Trophy



Age Champions   

  • 12 Years Boys – 1st Callum F, 2nd Ralph N, 3rd Mitchell E 
  • 12 Years Girls – 1st Madison R, 2nd Mackenzie B, 3rd Piper H and Taylor B 
  • 13 Years Boys – 1st Zavier CB, 2nd Cooper B, 3rd Luka L 
  • 13 Years Girls –  1st Mackenzie S, 2nd Emily P, 3rd Ella P 
  • 14 Years Boys – 1st Jake F, 2nd Kairav V, 3rd Cayden H 
  • 14 Years Girls – 1st Mia OS2nd Mia T3rd Isabella J 


Senior School Carnival 

Overall Standings 

  • 1st –  Gilead 
  • 2nd – Shiloh 
  • 3rd – Jericho 
  • 4th – Bethel 


House Spirit Trophy



Age Champions 

  • 15 Years Boys – 1st Zeph H, 2nd Harrison B, 3rd Jacobus L 
  • 15 Years Girls – 1st Kaelah B, 2nd Lauren W, 3rd Isabella Y 
  • 16 Years Boys – 1st Luke D, 2nd Benjamin M, 3rd David H 
  • 16 Years Girls –  1st Jessica B, 2nd Amity H, 3rd Madison C 
  • Open Boys – 1st Johann M, Isaac H and Patrick C 
  • Open Girls – 1st Kirralee H, 2nd Ellen G, 3rd Lucy W 


Swimming Records

  • Open Boys 50 Breaststroke – Isaac H – 34.17
  • Open Boys 50 Butterfly – Patrick C – 28.435


Pine Rivers District Swimming Team 

 Congratulations to the following students for their selection in the Pine Rivers District team: 

Callum FRalph NLachlan BPiper HXavier CBIsabella JCooper BLauren WLuka LKaelah BLachlan TIsabella YAdam HMikaydi BMackenzie SOlivia GEmily PZeph HMarley PHarrison BElla PJacobus LAlice BTyron KJake FHenry JCayden HAmity HMia TJessica BMia OS, Madison CJazmin ESophie DLuke DBen MDavid HKirralee HOlivia LEllen GIsaac HJohann MCarel VPatrick C              


Pine Rivers District Team Selections 


  • 13-15 years – Maddy W, Maddy R 
  • 16-19 years – Sophie D, Shandri BCharlize S, Lauren C 


  • 16-19 years – Jenna C 


  • 10-12 years – Shivaani VT  


Met North Team Achievements 


  •  Meg A, Sienna B, Reagen B, Mackenzie B, Malayah D, Madison R, Haley W, Matthew T, Luka L, Mitchell W, William M 



  • 13-19 Years – Christopher C 



  • 16-19 years – Jenna C 

 Congratulations to all students on these achievements!


Other Sporting Achievements 


Luka L and Reagan B were invited to race at the super sprint Race Weekend at the Gold Coast in December. This event was organised by Triathlon Australia. Over five different races Luka came in 1st overall in the Boys division and Reagan came 9th. 

Please notify the Sports Department via if you know of any achievements for your children so we can acknowledge these in the Newsletter   



Anthony Arro

Director of Secondary School Sport