From the Leadership Team

As the College reaches the completion of our recent Strategic Planning process, one of the initiatives that has been established within the plan is ongoing infrastructure and campus development.

As a result, the College will be undertaking a Master Planning process which will seek to develop plans for our campus facilities for the next 10+ years. The College will be working with our Architect, Novum and we are thankful to the Australian Government for the recent financial assistance provided to the College to support the associated expenses of the Master Planning process.

The Master Planning process will occur throughout the remainder of this year and we look forward to providing our community with insight to the exciting plans for the future in 2022.


Mr Paul Sterling


Curriculum Matters

Flexible and Creative Learning – the key to educational success

Recently, the Genesis teaching staff attended the Australian Christian School’s conference, with keynote speaker Dr Catherine Ball. Dr Ball is a futurist, and spoke with passion about the skills that young people will need to operate successfully in the future educational landscape and the workforce. Her focus was largely on technology and the rapid change in that space. She emphasized how it is impossible to predict how technology will alter the way we interact with one another and the world. The face of the health system, the defence force, education, transportation and just about everything else will be impacted by our ability to use and develop technology at an ever-increasing pace.

Some might be inclined to say that we should be exalting STEM subjects and the like, given this information. Dr Ball; however, also made the comment that we need “good people to make good robots” and this is where the teaching of ethics, religion, the Humanities, the Arts and Languages plays an essential role. In fact, she identified literacy as the key to unlocking the future. At Genesis, we believe that teaching our young people to develop and use technology for the common good is essential. Our young people need ‘cognitive flexibility’ (a term used by Einstein) more than ever – the skill which enables us to switch between different concepts or adapt our behaviour to achieve our goals in an ever-changing landscape. The ability to think creatively and courageously are also skills that will help our young people thrive.

At the College, we are endeavouring to ensure that our students are provided with many opportunities to practice and master these skills. Be it designing donuts, selling products at the Genesis Festival or designing new protypes, the future is looking bright for our Genesis students.

Kind regards,

Nichola Welsh

Head of Teaching and Learning (P-12)

The Pastoral Care Pen

The Benefit of Serving Others 

A few weeks ago, a group of Secondary students and staff volunteered to take part in a MAD (Make A Difference) Backyard Blitz project. The afternoon involved gardening and labouring work for a person in need. The yard and garden looked fantastic after a couple of hours of work. However, I was most impressed, not with the results, but with the attitude of all involved. Students were smiling, laughing, asking what needed to be done next, and the team pushed hard to get it all done in time. By the end of the session, there were sore backs and red faces… but some of the students were already asking when they could do it again!

I was reflecting on how important it is that schools, families and communities give young people opportunities to serve others. There are so many benefits to volunteering and community service. Here are just a few…

We forget about ourselves and think of others instead

It’s easy for us to become absorbed in our own needs, stresses, desires and worries, and forget about the bigger picture of life and the people around us. Serving others, particularly someone in need, reminds us of what’s important in life and can help us to see things with a better perspective.

We build resilience

In his article, ‘How Persistence and Grit Helps Kids Succeed’, Michael Grose discusses how it is more important to celebrate and reward character (including grit, determination, perseverance, resilience) rather than talent. When we get used to doing things that are easy for us, we struggle to respond to situations that are more difficult. Getting our hands dirty at Backyard Blitz was a great chance for us to learn new skills, work hard, and persevere to get to the end of a project. Moments like this are important for developing character in young people.

We develop empathy

Exposing young people to stories and lives that are different to their own helps them to develop empathy and a deeper understanding of the journeys of others. We can also model this to our students and children by creating communities and families where caring for others is prioritised. It was fantastic to have such a great staff attendance at our MAD project and demonstrate what care and kindness looks like to our students.

We feel good afterwards!

Doing something good for others releases dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin, which contributes to a positive mood and decreases stress. It seems that God has wired us to serve others! Some of our students reported that they were on the project ‘because their mum signed them up’. By the end of the session, they were cheerful and proud of the work they completed. It’s important that we expose young people to volunteering and serving others and demonstrate to them that it feels good to do good!

I love the way Eugene Peterson summarises this in Philippians 2:3-8 Message version:

If you’ve gotten anything at all out of following Christ, if his love has made any difference in your life, if being in a community of the Spirit means anything to you, if you have a heart, if you care—then do me a favour: Agree with each other, love each other, be deep-spirited friends. Don’t push your way to the front; don’t sweet-talk your way to the top. Put yourself aside, and help others get ahead. Don’t be obsessed with getting your own advantage. Forget yourselves long enough to lend a helping hand.

I wonder if there are some opportunities this week to partner with your child in doing a good thing for someone else. We hope you will see the benefits of teaching young people how to serve others and help them to build a character of empathy, care, and awareness of those around them.

We’d love to hear of some of the things you get up to! Email Pastoral Care or share your good news stories to our #thelightside campaign by emailing Marketing.

How Persistence and Grit help kids succeed:

For more creating a culture of caring:


Laura Tepe

Secondary Chaplain

Secondary Highlights

Secondary Highlights 

At Genesis Christian College our DNA is excellence; we are not satisfied unless we are out performing across all categories.

Our students represent in Queensland and Australian teams for rowing, dance, swimming, shooting, boxing, netball, football, track and field, and the list goes on.

As this is written; we are about to go nuts cheering for our Year 12 student competing at the Tokyo Paralympics.

We not only compete at the highest level; we enjoy excellence in academics.

Our students represent at STEM in Australia and London; they place in the top 30 results for Year 12 in Queensland; they design and build for the F1 in School’s competition, gain drone licencing, win at Reader’s Cup and Shakefest, and once again the list is too long for now.

I am immensely proud of our students, their families who support them and our teachers, coaches and support staff who stretch and encourage them to higher achievement, day after day, in a warm and safe environment.

We love our students. They delight us. They inspire us.

We provide excellence in pastoral care and take seriously any issue which negatively effects our strong sense of community. We work hard to have every student enjoy a sense of place here and a strong bond of belonging. Our investment into enabling leadership throughout the student body reaps a rich harvest.

Genesis is strong in spirit and rightly proud of our students’ achievements and conduct.

Our focus though, is to live lives that ‘Walk in the Light’.

Our heart is to build character that charts a course in life that serves our world for the common good and glues it together with compassion.

I love this school and trust you feel that same sense of pride and family.


Stuart Taylor

Head of School – Secondary 


Primary Highlights

Term 3 is Primary Camp Season!

Each year in Term 3, our Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 students embark on their annual school camp! Already this term, our Year 6 students. under the leadership of Mr Johnson, visited Longreach and other Western Queensland towns, learning about our Australian history in a week-long camp. Again, by all reports this camp was an incredible time away for students, staff and the parent helpers who always attend our trips. Our Genesis students are shining role models; children of high character and calibre, with staff at venues visited often contacting the school to let us know just how amazing our Genesis students are.

The culminating Year 6 trip is a capstone event for Primary students, but the success of this trip can be attributed to the camping program of Years 3, 4 and 5, and the development of life skills which students learn through these experiences. Later this week, our Year 3 students will go on their first school camp for one night, then Year 4 will go next week for two nights, and Year 5 in the last week of term for 3 nights. At each camp students enjoy a range of challenge activities which test their teamwork, resilience, critical thinking, and a whole range of other life skills like making your bed, going to sleep on time, and learning how to serve others at mealtimes.

Students always have the best of fun, away camping with their friends, and at Genesis we always embed our Christian values into activities and share a devotions and prayer time at night together. Thankyou to all our parents for supporting our camping program, and thankyou to our wonderful teachers who work hard to make these the best experiences possible for our children.

Kind Regards, 

Jeremy Williamson

 Head of School – Primary

Secondary Sport

On Wednesday 25 August, Kirralee H competed in the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games in the 100 metres Butterfly and finished in 12th place with a personal best time. The College celebrated this by dressing in Green and Gold and watched “The Race That Stopped the School”. She also raced in her pet event, the 50 metre Freestyle, on Sunday, 29 August coming 4th .

Kirralee commenced her swimming journey at Genesis when the pool first opened in 2012. She started training in the Skills Squad which is the first level after Learn to Swim. She became a foundation member of the Genesis Aquatics Swimming Club and this was the beginning of her competitive pathway. Through her swimming career, Kirralee currently holds 22 Queensland records and 6 Australian records. She has won State and National Championships and we are very proud to have a home-grown Paralympian at our College.

On behalf of the College we would also like to congratulate the coaching team at Genesis Aquatics (Brendan Keogh, Rick Pendleton and Tony Keogh) for the role they played in coaching and mentoring Kirralee through her swimming development. We look forward to celebrating Kirralee’s achievements on her return.

Track and Field

Congratulations to all the students who represented Genesis proudly at the Pine Rivers District Track and Field Carnival, held on 29 and 30 July. Students selected in the Pine Rivers District team were:

Megan A, Ashley M, Joseph A, Grace M, Cooper B, Benjamin M, Petri B, Ralph N, Shandri B, Emma N, Jaegar B, Janelle P, Ella B, Travis P, Kaelah B, Ella P, Jordan B, Cooper S, Xavier C, Makenzie S, Luke D, Charlize S, Sophie D, Lincoln S, Michaela F, Lucy S, Hayley F, Olivia T, Alexander G, Eden T, Matthew G, Lachlan T, David H, Marne V, Owen H, Kairav V, Luka L, Windsor W, Preston L, Lucy W, Morgan L, Madeleine W, William M, Mitchell W and Holly M.

District/Regional Team Sport Selections:

Congratulations to Jordyn C (Year 7) for her selection in the Met North Softball team. This is a fantastic achievement and we wish Jordyn all the best for the State Softball Titles which will be held later this year.

Congratulations to Alyssa S for her selection in the Met North Basketball team. Unfortunately, the State Titles in Mackay had to be cancelled.  This is an outstanding achievement and well done.


Anthony Arro

Director of Sport – Secondary

Primary Sports 

We have had a very busy period in Primary Sport pre-lockdown. We feel very fortunate that our students have had the ability to take part in these events in such uncertain times.

 Queensland State Cross Country Championships:

Recently Madison R, Sienna B and Matthew T were selected as part of the Met North Team to compete at the State Championships held in Ipswich. Our students performed amazingly and should be congratulated on their results:

  • Madison R – 12 Years Girls: 4th individual, 1st– State Champions Relay
  • Sienna B – 12 Years Girls: 8th individual, 1st– State Champions Relay
  • Matthew T – 11 Years Boys: 12th individual, 2nd Relay

A very special congratulations to Madison who was selected into the Qld State team

Pine Rivers District Athletics:

Our Primary Athletics Team of 43 students competed at the Pine Rivers District Carnival. Congratulations to all members of the team. There were a lot of fantastic performances (and some big PB’s) but none more so than the team effort and cheering from our amazing kids!

Congratulation to the following 16 students who were selected in the Pine Rivers Team:

Noah C, Sienna B, Madison R, Mitchell E, Dylan M, Hayden N, Taylor B, Giselle B, Matthew T, Flynn S, Thomas M, Matilda T, Grace R, Charlie B, Eliza B, Lucille I.


Pine Rivers District Team Selections:

  • Oliver P (Year 6) Cricket

 Metropolitan North Region Team Selections:

  • Jordyn C (Year 7) Softball

NISSA Gala Day:

We were so lucky to squeeze in our first Semester Two Gala Day which saw our kids participate in Soccer, Netball and Rugby Union against The Lakes College, Grace Lutheran Primary School and Prince of Peace. What a fabulous day it was for the students!

Kind regards,

Louise McCarthy

Director of Primary Sport 

Department Spotlight – Music

Department Spotlight – Music 


Genesis Music was excited to present our Wintersong Ensembles Performance at the very end of last term. The College’s beginner and junior level ensembles performed a wonderful showcase of all they have achieved so far this year and the memorable evening featured debut performances from Beginner Strings and Year 4 Band. The excitement and buzz in the wings filtered out on to the stage which was filled with a sea of smiles and grins. We are looking forward to hearing more from these talented Genesis ensembles.


In Week 2 of this term, we held our first “Singspiration” event which brought together Junior Primary Choirs from local schools in a joyous celebration of song. This year, we were joined by Junior Choirs from Petrie State School, The Lakes College, Bounty Boulevard State School and Northside Christian College, as well as guest conductor and composer, Katherine Rhule. It was a wonderful afternoon of performances from these young choristers and everyone who attended commented on the joy and celebration of the occasion. Congratulations to these students and their talented choir directors.

Kind regards,

Marta Preston

Performance Music Coordinator


New Leaf Day

The COVID lockdown put a spanner in the works for New Leaf Day, which was scheduled for Friday 6 August. However, all was not lost, and some of our activities were able to be rescheduled in a modified form.

Over a two-week period, small groups of students planted 148 native trees, shrubs and grasses during their Sport lessons. If you take a stroll along the path bordering the northern boundary of the College, you can see their handiwork, along with other established plants from the previous two years. Our Secondary “GECko” group will continue to care for the site. We thank both Moreton Bay Regional Council and Sci-Fleet Toyota Brendale for supporting our endeavours.

We also received many wonderful entries for the “EnviroSelfie” competition, in which students were invited to submit a fun photo of themselves doing something positive for the environment at home.

Many Secondary students also took time during Form class to make a pledge to change a behaviour that will benefit our natural environment.

Many Thanks,

Chrissy van Leent

Sustainability Coordinator

Year 6 Outback Tour

Year 6 Outback Tour to Longreach

Written by Year 6 students Maddison, Bridget and Lucy.

Longreach is a beautiful place with plains that go for kilometres full of grass, animals, and occasional trees. But Longreach was not the only place we went on camp, with places like Emerald, Rubyvale, Barcaldine and Winton on the list of wonderful places we visited. Rubyvale, one of the stops for an activity. We learnt how the main mine at Miner’s Heritage Walk in Mine and the history behind.

After going through the maze of the mine we went fossicking for sapphires. Once everyone had finished the experience we departed for Longreach!

Once in Longreach we checked into our accommodation at Longreach Pastoral College and readied our rooms. After dinner bus 1 & 2 went to QUANTAS Founders Museum light show. The light show educated all of those who watched about the 4 founders, the planes and the beginning of QLD & NT Areal Services or QUANTAS. The next morning we visited Longreach School of Distance Education, seeing what learning from a distance was like. The Camden Park Station, being educated what life of an Australian stockman was like. Following on with the stockman theme Australian Stockman Hall of Fame was next Learning through audio of an iPod. We learnt life as an Australian stockman in the past. Then learning further at Kinnon & Co: Bush Fire at Night at Nogo Station under the moonlight, having the experience which any stockman would,(with a bunch of Year 6 students that is) having beef stew, mash potato, rice pudding and billy tea.

The next day off to Winton we went! Waltzing Matilda Centre was the first stop, before entering though we all got a horse drawn carriage ride around the area. Then we all headed for the sights of
the displays and artefacts. Next stop was Australian Age of the Dinosaurs museum! With footsteps and fossils of Australia’s dinosaurs, we learnt of Australia’s many dinosaurs. With the night activity at Australian’s Stockman‘s Hall of Fame : outback show. Full of whip cracking and stockman fun. After a good sleep ending our time at longreach with QUANTAS Founders museum, visiting the 747 and Super Constellation, we left Longreach after a spectacular time. On the way home we visited Barcaldine’s Tree of Knowledge Memorial, where the Labour Party was founded. Learning about Iningai culture.

Next morning we woke up on the bus near home. Couple hours left and no more time on those buses. Then we were there that Friday morning we were at school with most of us heading to Macca’s for breakfast. The end of the best camp ever!

Year 11 Camp – Emu Gully

Care and Conduct – Year 11 Camp

Emu Gully Adventure Camp 2021 far exceeded all our Year 11’s expectations. Our students set out to prove they could achieve the goals they established upon their arrival, and they didn’t disappoint.

Genesis camp staff were humbled at our students’ perseverance and willingness to work on their individual, team and cohort weaknesses, despite the challenges they faced. All campers braved the extreme cold and low winter temperatures, working together as teams to overcome a range of challenges while reflecting on the ANZACs and their legacy. From crawling through dark tunnels, crossing over suspended logs, trudging through meters of thick fetid mud, all the while carrying a team member on a stretcher, and hiking through terrain in darkness; our future leaders faced their fears and foibles.

Some memorable highlights of the camp include the bush dance run by “Smashing Bumpkins” where we kicked up our heels to some new and old songs, pulling a truck, rock climbing, driving buggies, and playing paintball while capturing the flag. It is fair to say that our Year 11 students grasped the importance of character development and servant-hearted leadership. They experienced the strength and unity that comes from practicing our ‘Walk in the Light’ themes of Grow, Give and Connect with Conviction.

The challenge our Year 11 cohort now face is to apply the lessons they learned from camp to their lives each day which I am confident they can do.

Thank you to all the dedicated staff who gave of their time to accompany our Year 11s throughout this event.

Kind regards,

Sally-Ann Arro

Year 11 Care and Conduct Leader

Redcliffe Kitefest – 11 & 12 September

Did you know Redcliffe KiteFest is on this weekend?
The event runs over two big days and features world-class kite displays, BLUEY live on stage, rides, aerobatic displays, food trucks, market stalls and so much more! For more information please visit their website.
Redcliffe KiteFest 2021
11 & 12 September
Pelican Park, Clontarf

School Parking Patrol Program – Moreton Bay Regional Council

Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC) Local Laws Unit undertakes a School Parking Patrol Program where officers complete scheduled school patrols, both in the morning and afternoon, to ensure that vehicles are parked in a safe and lawful manner. The primary aim of the program is to ensure that students and family members/caregivers are able to safely move around the school area as part of dropping off or picking up students from the school.

The Moreton Bay Regional Council Local Law No.5 (Parking) 2011 and Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1999 control parking or stopping of vehicles on footpaths, bicycle paths, marked yellow lines, shared paths, dividing strips and nature strips, along with vehicles parking across residents driveways and within ‘No Stopping’, ‘No Parking’, ‘Bus Zones’ and Pick-up / Drop -off zones. Council is legally required to enforce these areas and the School Parking Patrol Program forms part of this process.  Drivers are reminded that footpaths and nature strips are in place to promote pedestrian movement in a safe manner along roadsides and that drivers and residents must not stop on a bicycle path, shared path, dividing strip or nature strip.  Please also note that vehicles that are parked with two wheels up and two wheels down is not considered as a lawful parking practice.

Local Laws officers conduct enforcement through the issuance of Penalty Infringement Notices as part of each School Parking Patrol. Please be aware that Council officers may take photographic evidence of vehicles stopping or parking illegally with Penalty Infringement Notices to be issued via mail at a later date to the offending vehicle’s owner.

Visit for further guidance on parking restrictions.

For any further information, members of the School community are welcome to contact Moreton Bay Regional Council on 3205 0555.

From the Leadership Team

From the Leadership Team 

This term at Genesis has been full of outstanding achievements, from individual students and groups, across sports, performing arts and academic pursuits. However, of special note are the wonderful achievements of Kirralee Hayes, selected onto the Australian Paralympic Swim Team to compete at the Tokyo Paralympic Games later this year. Congratulations Kirralee. Also, Ella Smith and Jaeve Proberts, recently competed in Adelaide in a World Cup Simulation Regatta against other Australian representatives and the Australian Olympic Rowing Team, an event held in place of sending athletes to the Junior World Rowing Championships in Bulgaria. Congratulations Ella and Jaeve. At Genesis what makes us excited and proud is seeing our students exploring, and using their God given gifts! 


Inside Tour 

As the end of Term 2 draws to a close, so does the work on Stage 21.1 of our building project in Lower Primary. The first stage of this build will be complete on Friday 25 June with our Year 2 students commencing in this new facility on the first day of Term 3, 19 July.  Jeremy Williamson and I will be conducting an ‘Inside Tour’ of these facilities on Wednesday 21 July from 8:45am-9:30am. If you would like to join the Tour for a special look inside, please register here.

Stage 21.2 of construction will commence on 28 June with an expected completion date in late October.  

Strategic Planning 

The College has been undertaking the exciting process of developing our new Strategic Plan throughout the first half of this year. Can I thank parents who provided the College Board and Leadership Team with feedback earlier this year regarding the future of the College. A further opportunity for feedback will be provided to parents at the commencement of Term 3. The upcoming survey will focus around the draft strategic pillars that have been identified within this new plan. Parents will be asked to comment on the relevance of these key areas. Please keep an eye out for this feedback opportunity early in Term 3. 

QLD Three Day Lockdown
Please note:
  • Genesis OSHC Vacation Care and Little Genesis will remain open for children of Essential Service workers
  • Genesis Sport & Aquatics will close and re-open on Saturday, 3 July 3 at 6am.
Take care during the holiday season and we look forward to welcoming students back for the commencement of Term 3 on Monday, 19 July. I wish you and your family a safe and refreshing winter holiday break. 


Paul Sterling 



Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care Pen

Body Image 


According to the results in the Mission Australia Youth Survey, 2020, body image is one of the top three concerns that young people struggle with. Body image refers to the way in which a person thinks and feels about their body. 

Indicators that your child may be struggling with their body image are: 

  • Being self-critical of their body 
  • Comparing their body to their peers/people on social media 
  • Obsessing about losing weight or bulking up 
  • Avoiding activities that would make the size and shape of their body more exposed, such as swimming 
  • Feeling self-conscious about photos being taken of them 
  • Feeling guilty if they’ve eaten ‘too much’ or not exercised 
  • Using supplements to increase muscle mass 

If this is a struggle for your child, here are some tips to help them develop a positive body image: 

  • Help your child to focus on their strengths, God-given gifts and positive internal traits that have nothing to do with their body 
  • Regularly affirm your child on their inner qualities  
  • Help your child appreciate everything that their body enables them to do 
  • Encourage your child to eat a healthy diet by providing them with a wide variety of nutritious food 
  • Encourage your child to participate in a sport or other physical activity that they enjoy 
  • Be a positive role model for your child when it comes to eating nutritious food, exercising regularly, and appreciating of your body 
  • Encourage your child to make wise choices when it comes to social media accounts that they follow. Encourage your child to avoid following people who are fixated on their body 

If you are concerned that your child may be struggling with their body image, feel free to contact the Pastoral Care and Growth Department. 

Kind regards 

Julie McGovern 

College Counsellor 




Curriculum Matters

Curriculum Matters

Cross Age Tutoring 2021 

 Servanthood is about attitude. Leaders seek ways they can add value to others, which is primarily through serving them.  

Around 100 students from Year 7 to 11, are exemplifying such servant leadership through their involvement in the 2021 Cross Age Reading and Cross Age Tutoring programs. During Week 7 of this term, students in Years 7, 8 and 9 participated in a training session to upskill on book walks, retell, and reading strategies. Attending before school sessions, they support their Year 1, 2 or 3 reading buddy, diligently by asking here, hidden, head and heart questions after the completion of each book, to check for comprehension.   

Students from Years 10 and 11 will join the program in Term 3 to work with teacher selected students in Prep and Year 1. Through games and hands on activities, these students will practice beginning literacy skills, including letter and sound knowledge, blending and segmenting words and sentence construction.  

An added benefit for lower primary students in having a high school tutor, is the opportunity for one-on-one conversations. A solid foundation of oral language helps children become successful readers, strong communicators and increases their confidence and overall sense of well-being.  Together, these students in primary and secondary, implement the 21st century skills of communication and collaboration, as they work together to increase our primary student’s love for literacy. 


Nichola Welsh

Head of Teaching & Learning (P-12)

Secondary Highlights

Secondary School Highlights – Your Word is my light 

Genesis Christian College School motto 

Psalm 119:105 

Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path 

From its very inception, the school motto has been ‘Your Word is my light’. For 30 years we have remained true to this ‘guiding light’ for choosing a path for Genesis. We are thankful for God’s blessing as we have attended to the Word, and the directions we should take.  

Walk in the Light is how we speak about the character of the Genesis student. The one sentence pitch being- Grow, Give and Connect with Conviction 

Character is grown as we Grow with Conviction, as we Give with Conviction, as we Connect with Conviction. 

Conviction describes the basis of our decision making; the choices we make moment by moment. Conviction reminds us that we are responsible for those choices, and that right choices are what we all want to make, but sometimes stumble over.  

In the face of difficult circumstances our Conviction is the moral compass of life. In the good times, Conviction is the compass that leads us to be grateful. 

God’s Word is the true North point for our moral compass. It is the light that shines on a path to follow, a path that is rich and rewarding. Conviction needs to be deeply rooted in an understanding of who we are in God and what His purposes for us now and into the future entail. 

The Bible tells us: 

  • We are shaped and gifted: we need to Grow in all spheres of life 
  • We are to Serve: we need to Give in a way that makes a difference in this world 
  • We are a body: we need to Connect to each other as if family 
  • We are formed for faith: we need to exercise Conviction 


Stuart Taylor 

Head of School – Secondary 


Primary Highlights

Primary Highlights – Project Based Learning in Primary  

You may have heard your child coming home excited about a new project they are doing in class this term, and if not, you certainly will before the end of this year. A new initiative in the primary school this year is Project-Based Learning, or PBL for short. 

What makes students and staff so excited about PBL is just how engaging it is. Do you ever remember being at school, having to learn something that seemed so irrelevant and asking yourself or the teacher the question, “How am I ever going to use this in real life?” I know I did, and it didn’t always go down well! But that was the 80s and 90s; today more than ever we need to be preparing our students for the real world, through an experiential education that is meaningful to them.  

PBL contains a few key ingredients to its success in the classroom. These being: 

  • Key knowledge, understanding and success skills 
  • A challenging problem or question 
  • Sustained inquiry 
  • Authenticity 
  • Student choice and voice 
  • Reflection and critique 
  • Public project 

Typically, teachers collaborate together to design PBL units in the HASS, Science, and Design Technology curricula; often integrating these curriculum in a real world project or problem for students to solve. Though PBL can work in any curriculum area. 

In a project, students have to use their life skills – those skills which are so crucial in a team or workplace to navigate their way through designing a solution to a problem. These skills often include self-management, teamwork, creative and critical thinking, effective participation, inquisitiveness, and reflection. Sound familiar? Yes, these are the Secret Skills our students have been learning about since last year. Through authentic curriculum related projects, all of our holistic learning and experiences come together to create a rich and engaging learning environment for our students. 

Some year levels have jumped in early this year into PBL, with the Year 4 designing donuts, and also having a project around the environment and sustainability. Next term watch out for some book writing for younger students, bath toy design, mini-beasts, and so much more. 

 Kind Regards, 

Jeremy Williamson

 Head of School – Primary

Secondary Sport

Secondary Sports 


Congratulations to Kirralee H for her selection in the Australian Team for the Paralympics in Tokyo. Kirralee will represent Australia in the 50m Freestyle. Kirralee started swimming training at Genesis when the Aquatics Centre opened in 2012. She has demonstrated outstanding commitment to her sport and her character both in and out of the water has been exemplary. Kirralee has been supported well by her parents, coaches and teachers at Genesis who have all contributed towards her being able to fulfil her dreams of becoming a Paralympian. We wish Kirralee well as she starts her swimming journey towards the Paralympics this August and into the future.  

Genesis Athletics Carnival Results 

Overall House Champion 

  • Bethel: 1st 
  • Shiloh : 2nd
  • Gilead : 3rd Jericho : 4th 

House Spirit Trophy 


Record Breakers  

  • Malachi S – 15 Boys 200m Dash – 23.88sec 
  • Malachi S – 15 Boys Triple Jump – 11.63m 
  • Alex G – 15 Boys 200m Dash – 24.18 sec 
  • Shandri B – 16 Girls Discus – 27.40m 
  • Joseph A – Open Boys Triple Jump – 12.08m 
  • Lucy W – Open Girls Shotput – 11.54m 

Age Champions 

  • 12 Years Girls  –  1st Madison R, 2nd Olivia T, 3rd Lucy S 
  • 12 Years Boys – 1st Jaegar B, 2nd Noah C, 3rd Stefan V 
  • 13 Years Girls – 1st Emma N, 2nd Megan A, 3rd Morgan L 
  • 13 Years Boys – 1st Luka L, 2nd Xavier C, 3rd Santiago R 
  • 14 Years Girls – 1st Ashley M, 2nd Kiara K, 3rd Haley W 
  • 14 Years Boys – 1st Ian B, 3rd Lincoln D 
  • 15 Years Girls – 1st Grace M, 3rd Holly M 
  • 15 Years Boys – 1st Malachi S, 3rd Jake S 
  • 16 Years Girls – 1st Sophie D, 2nd Hayley F, 3rd Shandri B 
  • 16 Years Boys – 1st Ben M, 2nd Lincoln S, 3rd Mitchell W  
  • Open Girls – 1st Charlize S, 2nd Ella S, 3rd Charli J 
  • Open Boys – 1st William M, 2nd Joseph A, 3rd Travis P 

District/Regional/State Team Sport Selections


Stephanie H (Year 9) was selected in the Queensland team for Soccer. Stephanie took part in the State Championships representing Met North at the State Championships in Hervey Bay. The Met North team also won the State title. Well done to Stephanie for this outstanding achievement. 


Jenna C (Year 10) represented Met North in the State Volleyball Championships with her team coming in 2nd place. Jenna was selected in the Qld Merit Team. This is a great achievement for Jenna who has also represented Genesis in the BOSL and State Schools Cup competition previously. 


Charli Jarvis (Year 12) represented Met North District at the Queensland Touch Football Championships in Brisbane. Congratulations to Charli on an outstanding year in Touch Football, representing Genesis in BOSL and for her selection in the Met North team. 

Cross Country 

Ben C (Year 9) and Ella S (Year 12) represented the Pine Rivers District at the recent Met North Cross County Championships and have been selected in the Met North team for the State Cross Country championships which will be held in July. Well done on this outstanding achievement. 

ISSA Soccer 

Genesis were represented this term in the ISSA Soccer Cup (Junior Boys, Junior Girls, Senior Boys and Senior Girls) which is a tournament for Independent Schools in South East Queensland. All four teams have performed very well with the Junior Boys progressing to the knockout stage of the competition. The Senior Boys and Senior Girls will finalise their round matches early in Term 3. Thank you to Will Allan (Football Coordinator) and coaches Jade Dethlefs and Jarrod Benbow.  


BOSL Basketball 

Genesis were represented by five teams (Senior Boys, Senior Girls, Intermediate Boys, Junior Boys and Junior Girls) in the BOSL Basketball competition. The teams represented the College proudly and for many of the teams it was their first year playing together in this tournament. Congratulations to Izac Craze for being named in the Intermediate boys All BOSL team. A special thank you to the Basketball Coordinator Brad Dutney and coaches Paul Gandini, Richard de Villiers and Brent Wood.  

BOSL Volleyball 

Genesis were well represented in the BOSL Volleyball competition with the Open Boys and two Junior Girls teams. All teams had a great season with the Junior Girls Blue team winning the premiership and the Junior Girls Yellow team placing third. The Open Boys will be playing in the play-off game for third place and we wish them all the best. We really appreciate the efforts of Tom Connolly (Senior Volleyball Coordinator) and Jade Walters (Junior Volleyball Coordinator). Thank you to the coaches Tina Serafino and Albert Diloi.  


Recently Year 11 Student Toby A was awarded a Gold medal at the 2021 Australian Gymnastics Championships Level 7 Open division. He also went on to win Gold on the Vault and Silver on rings. This capped off a great year for Toby after winning both the Regional and State Championships. Well done Toby on these achievements this year and for the years of dedication, hard work and commitment you have demonstrated in your chosen sport.  


Charlize S has been selected in the Queensland Under 17 Netball team and will take part in the National Championships in Hobart in the holidays. This follows on from her recent success by representing Met North in the Qld School Championship. Congratulations to Charlize for an outstanding year in Netball and we wish her every success at the upcoming National Championships. 


Year 12 students Ella S and Jaeve P, who were selected in the U19 Australian Rowing team after their success in the national championships in March, competed over the past week in Adelaide in a World Cup Simulation Regatta against other Australian representatives and the Australian Olympic team as part of their preparation for the Tokyo games. The girls performed extremely well, finishing as the number one ranked junior crew. This event was held in place of sending athletes to the Junior World Rowing Championships in Bulgaria due to COVID.  

Year 9 students Maddy G and Jess C won First place in the Under 16 Double Skulls at the South East Qld Age Championships. This is an outstanding achievement and the girls have been paired up for two years in the Genesis Rowing program. We wish the girls all the best of success in their future with rowing. 


Anthony Arro

Director of Sport – Secondary

Primary Sport

Primary Sports 



What an amazing day we had for our Year 3-6 Athletics carnival. We were blessed with amazing weather and the students participated with enthusiasm and sportsmanship on the day.  

Congratulations to our winning house – Gilead 


Congratulations also goes to our Age Champions: 

Age Champions 

  • 8 Years Girls – Emily C, Zoe B, Kayleigh N 
  • 8 Years Boys – Charlie S, Theo L, Max M 
  • 9 Years Girls – Holly M, Ruby K, Zoe P
  • 9 Years Boys – Deezil P, Harrison L, Cale S 
  • 10 Years Girls – Ayla J, Lucille I, Matilda T 
  • 10 Years Boys – Cameron E, Theo H, Flynn S 
  • 11 Years Girls – Giselle B, Chelsea L, Courtney H 
  • 11 Years Boys – Matthew T, Felix N, Lachlan S 

We also had 21 of our Year 6 students attend the Secondary Athletics Carnival. These students competed strongly on the day and were excellent ambassadors of our Primary School.  

Congratulations goes to the following students who were Age Champion placings:

  • 12 Years Girls – 1st Madison R 
  • 12 Years Boys – 2nd Noah C 
  • 12 Years Boys – 3rd Stefan V 


NISSA Athletics Carnival 

We attended the NISSA Athletics Carnival with a team of 47 athletes who ran, jumped, and threw with all their efforts to come away as champion school at the end of the meet. Congratulations to all the member of our NISSA team. 


Morning and Lunch Time Training 

Morning and lunch time training with Mrs McCarthy and Mrs Turner is continuing with our Athletics focus. Please see the Genesis App or school calendar for training weeks and details. 



Met North Region Team Selections 

Cross Country 

Matthew T (Year 5) 


Cross Country  

Sienna B (Year 6)  


Cross Country 

Madison R (Year 6)  


Pine Rivers District Team Selections: 


Hayden D (Year 7)  



Elijah N (Year 7)  

Kind regards,

Louise McCarthy 

Director of Primary Sport 

Department Spotlight – Music Through the Years

Department Spotlight – Music Through the Years 

Our Music – Through The Years performance evening occurred on Wednesday 2 June, with students from Year 9 through 12 showcasing their musical talent and passion. 34 performances were given to an appreciative audience of parents, families and peers.  

All proceeds went to the Myanmar orphanage, and the Music Department is grateful for the opportunity to support these causes. There were many amazing performances from all the students 

It is with a tinge of sadness that some familiar faces will not be returning to the Music rooms in 2022. However, we do wish them God’s blessing in their future endeavours, and hope that music will continue to remain an important part of their lives.


Department Spotlight – Dramatic Arts

Department Spotlight – Dramatic Arts News 

2021 in the Dramatic Arts Department is looking refreshingly different to 2020. Our students have been embracing every opportunity offered to them and we have some wonderful news to report. Following a fabulously fruitful Dance Camp earlier this year, our Mini, Junior and Senior Dance Companies have thoroughly enjoyed being back on the competition stage and are off to a very successful start to their competition season:  

Ipswich Combined Teachers Dancing Festival 

  • 2 x Firsts 
  • 1 x Second 
  • 1 x Third
  • 2 x Very highly commended 

Sunshine Coast Dance Eisteddfod 

  • 1 x First 
  • 3 x Seconds 
  • 1 x Third 
  • 1 x Highly commended 

Our brand new Movers and Groovers group, along with our much-loved Movers and Shakers Team have been rehearsing hard in preparation for their debut performance at the College Festival!  

Show Choir, under the direction of our GDA Assistant Director and Musical Theatre Teacher, Mrs Jessica Sankey, presented their debut performance at the recent Colours Awards Assembly.  

Many of our Dance and Drama classes have enjoyed excursions to live performances, including Shrek, The Tap Pack, Three, Our Town and more.  

Our Year 11 and 12 Dance students were also treated to an excursion to QUT Kelvin Grove, where they spent a day in the life of a QUT Creative Industries student. The students experienced a 90 minute dance workshop, in addition to a full tour of the Creative Industries precinct and a Q&A session.  

Finally, we hosted a wonderful afternoon of Shakespearean inspired arts performances at the inaugural ‘An Afternoon With Shakespeare’ event.  

We continue to thank God for His favour upon the Arts at Genesis and look forward with anticipation to a fruitful Semester two.  

Kind regards,

Emily Briddock 

Innovation and Learning Leader 

Dramatic Arts – 7-12 

Department Spotlight – Fashion

Department Spotlight – Senior Fashion Excursion to Reverse Garbage 

At the beginning of June, the Senior Fashion class went on an adventure to Reverse Garbage. They are Queensland’s only eco arts and reuse co-operative specialising in the collection of clean industrial discards and other high quality materials. Every week they are saving approximately 2 tonnes of reusable ‘waste’ from landfill. 

Students were given a warehouse tour which gave them some perspective of the type of products and ‘bits and pieces’ that go into landfill. The warehouse stock changes on a regular basis and includes everything from wood, textiles, plastics, corks to medical x-rays, mannequins and Perspex offcuts. The possibilities were endless. Students were given a small budget to choose items to make into an Accessory for their assessment pieces and access to their workshop equipment to help guide them on what are the best tools for the job.   

Teaching our youth the importance of looking after our environment and the ability to re-use or recycle everything, means we are one step closer to a healthy and prosperous future. 

A Night at the Theatre

A Night at the Theatre 2021 – what’s your story?

Enjoy the performances of Years 7-12 Drama students!

Doors open at 6.30pm, with the show starting at 7pm.

Tickets on sale now – buy them here!

Help us stay COVID-Safe. This event will be hosted in line with COVID-Safe Government requirements.

Calling all Alumni!

We are uniting the classes of 1991-2020 to celebrate 30 amazing years of Genesis Christian College.
Saturday 24 July 2021
11:00am – 1:00pm
Lunch, reflections and tours
All welcome! Family friendly event.
Location: Genesis Christian College STEM Building
Book tickets via Eventbrite here
$20 per person
Help us stay COVID-Safe. This event will be hosted in line with COVID-Safe Government requirements.

Genesis Festival

The Genesis Festival is back!! Join us for a fun day out with the family to enjoy rides for all ages, sideshow alley games, delicious food truck fare, live entertainment, a variety of market stalls and Fireworks to end our day!

Entry is free. Ride armbands or single ride tickets available to purchase. Please follow the Festival Facebook page to stay up to date with event details.
Help us stay COVID-Safe. This event will be hosted in line with COVID-Safe Government requirements.

Genesis Festival 2021

Genesis Festival 2021

From the Leadership Team 

Our wonderful P&F are now in full swing preparing for the 2021 Genesis Festival. The Biennial Festival is set to be a special occasion this year as we also celebrate our 30th Anniversary as a College. The Festival will be held on Saturday 24 July from 1:00pm until 6:00pm with a firework display to end the event. The Genesis Festival has a wonderful reputation for its incredible variety of activities and sense of community, so we would encourage you to join in the fun. The funds raised from the event will go toward the purchase and installation of large fans in the undercover ball courts. 


Alumni Reunion 

Genesis will be hosting an Alumni reunion for classes of 1991-2020 to celebrate 30 amazing years of Genesis Christian College. We encourage you to spread the word to College Alumni as we join together at the College over lunch for reflections. 

Date: Saturday 24 July (the morning of Festival!)

Time: 11:00am-1:00PM

Location: Genesis Christian College STEM Building. 

Purchase your tickets here. 

Do we have your current details on file?
We are currently updating our Alumni database! Please update your current email, phone and mailing address via the link below so we can keep it touch with you for this reunion and future events

For any event enquiries please email: look forward to seeing our Alumni at this very special morning.  


Stage 21 – Building Update 

Our Lower Primary building is progressing well, and we are expecting the first stage of this building to be completed mid-June. As a College, we believe that the physical teaching environment works congruently with our “student-centric”, teaching approach, and the outworking of effective learning. We are extremely excited about how these innovative learning spaces will enhance the learning opportunities available for lower Primary students. We look forward to the opportunity to provide parents a sneak peak of this space soon. 



Paul Sterling


The Pastoral Care Pen

This article is written by Michelle Mitchell.


An unexpected shift in friendships. A sudden end to a romance. Poor results in an exam that was meant to be easy. A family breakdown. Not being picked for a sports team. I know you could add to this list. These are only some of the experiences that can bring a sense of disappointment around our kids.  

Disappointments fill the painful gap between expectations and reality. It is what we feel when a hope is not fulfilled. In my life, disappointments have often lovingly whispered truths about who I am becoming or which path to next take. They have guided me as I have been willing to sit with them. That’s now easy for me to recognise. Hindsight is a wonderful thing! The correlation between pain and growth is something kids may not yet fully recognise.  

Conversations Worth Having 

Below I have outlined six conversations that are worth having with a young person who feels disappointed. These conversations do not have to happen in this order, and you may find that you bounce back and forth between them. The general aim of all these conversations is to help our young person turn towards acceptance and find wisdom in the moment. If they can do this, they may be able to reconstruct something wonderful and life giving in their next step forward.  

  • Conversation One:  Let’s make room  
  • Conversation Two:  The truth can guide us  
  • Conversation Three:  There is always something more    
  • Conversation Four:  Context matters  
  • Conversation Five: You are not your experience  
  • Conversation Six:  Home will always be here to catch you 

For the full article and explanation of each conversation please click on the link. 




Curriculum Matters

Homework, revision, and knowledge retrieval 

“I don’t have anything for homework” is a common response from many students throughout their educational journey.  What they are referring to is the fact that their teacher did not set a specific task to complete at home. However, there is work that needs to be completed at home on a regular basis and is not always assigned. This mindset of nothing to do is something that the teaching team is constantly working on shifting by encouraging revision as part of the daily homework schedule.   

The issue is the language used, and a change in this may assist in changing behavior, together with an improved understanding of the consequences of chosen actions. It may be helpful to identify that revising, also referred to as studying, is different to homework that is sent home for completion overnight or by a set date. This work is often set as deliberate practice or linked to an assignment task. When we use the term revising, we are referring to the process of summarising work covered in class, understanding this, and then doing something to remember it. We recall things best immediately after reading, watching, or hearing the information; however, as time passes our memories fade. This phenomenon is known as ‘knowledge fade’ or ‘the forgetting curve’.     

Hermann Ebbinghaus, the father of research in this area, and many subsequent researchers found that we forget new information at an exponential rate.   

  • After 20 minutes 42% of learning is lost 
  • After 24 hours 67% of learning is lost 
  • After 31 days 79% of learning is lost 

Most people lose the majority of information within 24 hours of their initial learning experience. He noted that without further revision the average learner retains only 10% of new information after 60 days.   

In relation to efficient use of time, regular revision just makes sense, and the research indicates the sooner the better.    

The infographic below really highlights the overall investment of time spent in the learning process and the reasonably small investment required to retain rather than relearn.  

Another key point to come out of research in this space is that the information retained past the 24 hour point remains with us far longer. In other words, the new knowledge or skills has been transferred from short to long term memory.  The Australian Curriculum and Queensland Senior Secondary Studies Curriculum is designed to build on knowledge from previous learning experiences from year to year. Therefore, if our students are not revising work incrementally as they encounter it, they will have limited ability to retrieve this knowledge and continue to build upon it, impacting their long-term success.

Practical revision strategies that can be suggested to your child when they announce, ‘no homework’.

Based on the subjects studied each day, the following can be applied:

  • Create flash cards for definitions
  • Read through notes and create a corresponding question for each line of notes
  • Take notes from relevant textbook content using Cornell Note taking techniques
  • Watch a video on the content (Crash Course Science, Hot Maths, Kahn Academy)
  • Create Acronyms and Mnemonics
  • Draw mind maps for visual representations and connect ideas
  • Teach/explain the concept to someone else
  • Highlight information accompanied by explanation of importance in margin of page

The Curriculum Team are developing resources to provide greater guidance and support that will be launched Semester 2, 2021 to students from the Study HQ: ‘Making sure your learning sticks’ intranet page.

Kind regards,

Fiona Hogan

Director of Innovation & Learning – Middle School

Secondary Highlights

Excellence – Genesis values in action 

 Over the course of this year, our students’ achievements continue to captivate me.

We have celebrated success in: 

  • Matilda 
  • Qld Youth Orchestra- Wind Ensemble 
  • SHEP (State Honours Ensemble Program) 
  • Qld Youth Parliament 
  • Paralympic Swimming Training squad 
  • Qld Art Competition (1st) – Amplify – Through my eyes 
  • QUT Holiday internships 
  • State sporting Representation 
  • District and Met North representatives in pathway sports  
  • State Triathlon Championships 
  • District, CSSAQ, Met North and State Swimming Championships 
  • District, and CSSAQ Cross Country Championships 
  • BOSL Volleyball, Touch, Futsal and Basketball Competitions  
  • Regional, State and National Rowing Championships 
  • South East Queensland Equestrian Championships 
  • Ipswich Combined Teachers Dancing Festival Competition 
  • Sunshine Coast Dance Eisteddfod  

 I apologise to the students and their families who I have inadvertently left off the list above. (It’s hard keeping up with all these stars!) 

 I love at Genesis that no matter what you want to excel in, we are here to support you. No matter what level of achievement you strive for, we are here to help and encourage. 

 At Genesis we live excellence. 


Stuart Taylor

Head of School – Secondary

Primary Highlights

Primary Highlights 

This week, our Under Eights Day celebration was held at Jump Up for Kids at Bald Hills. The purpose of Under Eights day, as a nationwide initiative, is to celebrate the early childhood years and to deliver a message that childhood is a precious and significant time. 

Run by Occupational Therapists, Jump Up for Kids, provided the perfect environment for celebrating outdoor play and learning. Our students in Prep to Year 2 were involved in child directed loose object play and activity stations designed to encourage creativity and a connection to nature; as well as fort building, climbing small trees and even getting into the mud!   

The national theme for Under Eights Day 2021 was ‘Children Celebrating Outdoor Play and Learning’.  The importance of outdoor play in the Early Years should not be underestimated, providing many benefits including but not limited to: 

  • An active lifestyle; 
  • Appreciation of nature and the environment; 
  • Developing social skills; 
  • Encouraging independence and resilience; and  
  • Understanding risk. 

 Following their excursion to Jump up for Kids, the Prep-Year 2 children returned to school for the afternoon session, where they participated in National Simultaneous Storytime. Here they were read the book “Give Me Some Space” by Philip Bunting. This was read by some special visitors to the College including two astronauts, a Storm Trooper and even Chewbacca from Star Wars!  

Most schools around Australia participate in the National Simultaneous Storytime, and Genesis Primary was proud to be a part of this literacy initiative, whilst also having loads of fun at the same time. Truthfully…learning should be fun most of the time when you are a kid in Primary School! 

Enjoy the following photos from just an awesome day in the Primary School 



Secondary Sport

Cross Country 

Genesis were well  represented at the Pine Rivers District Carnival on 4 May and the CSSAQ Cross Country Carnival on 10 May. The students represented the College with pride and demonstrated excellent character! 


Pine Rivers District Cross Country: 

  • 12 years Boys – Windsor W – 2nd 
  • 13 years Boys – Santiago R – 3rd 
  • 13 years Girls – Michaela F – 1st 
  • 13 years Girls – Ella P – 2nd 
  • 14 years Boys – Ryan F – 1st 
  • 14 years Boys – Ian B – 2nd 
  • 15 years Girls – Holly M – 2nd 
  • 15 years Girls – Grace M – 1st 
  • 15 years Boys – Ben C – 3rd 
  • 16 years Girls – Stella B – 1st 
  • 16 years Boys – Mitchell W – 3rd 
  • Open Girls – Ella S – 1st 
  • Open Girls – Jaimee D – 2nd 
  • Open Boys – Brayden W – 2nd 

CSSAQ Cross Country Results 

  • Genesis 5th place Overall – 13-19 years 
  • Age Champion Team – 15 years girls 
  • Ella P – 3rd (13 years girls) 
  • Grace M – 3rd (15 years girls)
  • Mitchell W – 3rd (16 years boys) 
  • William M – 3rd (Open boys) 

Students Selected in Pine Rivers District Cross Country Team 

Manie VT, Luka L, Santiago R, Reagan B, Michaela F, Mackenzie S, Ella P, Olivia Y, Ian B, Ryan F, Lachlan M, Charlie G, Laura G, Henry J, Ben C, Grace M, Holly M, Arabella A, Mitchell W, Lincoln S, Ella S, Charlize S, Jaimee D, Jaeve P, Stella B, Carmen S, Hayley F, Reegan T, Sophie D, Windsor W, Owen H. 


District/Regional team sport selections: 

Congratulations to the following students : 

  • Stephanie H – selected to represent Met North School sport at State Champs – 13-15 years Girls Football 
  • Windsor W (Year 7) has been selected in the 12 years Met North AFL team  
  • Isabella SE (Year 7) – Pine Rivers District U12 Netball team 


SEQ Interschool Equestrian Champs 

Kaitlyn D (Year 12) 

  • 3rd Overall Senior (Year 10-12) Preliminary Dressage 
  • Champion Secondary (Year 7-12) Combined Training 95cm 

Carmen R (Year 11) 

  • 3rd overall Secondary 60cm Show jumping 
  • 23rd Intermediate Preliminary Dressage 

Stella B (Year 9) 

  • 7th Secondary (Year 7-12) Combined Training 80cm 
  • 14th Secondary (Year 7-12) 90cm Show Jumping 

Lara R (Year 9) 

  • Champion Secondary 70cm Show Jumping 
  • 23rd Intermediate Preliminary Dressage  

Morgan L (Year 8) 

  • 10th Intermediate (Year 7-9) Preliminary Dressage 
  • 2nd Intermediate Show Hack 
  • 2nd Intermediate Working Hunter 55cm 
  • Champion Secondary 50cm Show Jumping
  • Champion Secondary Combined Training 60cm 
  • Reserve Champion Intermediate Novice Dressage 
  • 3rd Place Intermediate Novice Dressage 

BOSL Touch

 Congratulations to the Junior Boys and Junior Girls BOSL Touch teams for making the finals in the BOSL Touch Football. Both teams narrowly went down in the Semi Finals. A special thank you to our coaches – Dan S, Maddy L, Rei San A and Damon B.  



 Congratulations to Jaeve P and Ella S for winning Gold in the Double Sculls, Gold in the Club women’s Double and Silver in the Quad Sculls events at the Australian Under 19 Rowing Championships. Jaeve and Ella were selected in the Australian team for the World Simulation Regattas which are a series of three events. The final world simulation final will be held in Adelaide. These are outstanding achievements and testament to the years of hard work and dedication from the girls in training for these events. 

Other Sporting Achievements  

  • AFL – Ella S was selected in the Under 19 Lions Academy team and the Under 19 State team.
  • BEACH VOLLEYBALL – Matilda J (Year 8) represented Queensland at the National Beach Volleyball Championships on the Gold Coast.  

 Well done to Ella and Matilda with these achievements. 



Mr Anthony Arro

Director of Sport – Secondary

Cross Country: 

We have had a busy season of Cross Country with some amazing results from our Primary runners! 

 Pine Rivers District Cross Country:   

Congratulations to our runners who participated so well at the carnival. Ten of our students were selected in the Pine Rivers Cross Country Team with individual placings going to the students below: 

  • Sienna B –  12 years Girls – 1st 
  • Matthew T – 11 years Boys – 1st 
  • Eliza B –  10 years Girls – 1st 
  • Madison R –  12 years Girls – 2nd
  • Windsor W –  12 years Boys – 2nd
  • Thomas M – 10 years Boys – 2nd 
  • Jonty M –  12 years Boys – 3rd 

 Other team selections were: 

  • Owen H 
  • Lucy E 
  • Mark B 

 NISSA Cross Country:  

What an amazing Team Genesis effort, to come away as Champion School at the NISSA Cross Country Championship against The Lakes College, Grace Lutheran Primary School and Prince of Peace. 

Individual placings on the day were:

  • Madison R –  12 years Girls – 1st 
  • Jonty M – 12 years Boys – 1st 
  • Matthew T –  11 years Boys – 1st 
  • Chelsea L –  11 years Girls – 1st 
  • Thomas M –  10 years Boys – 1st 
  • Eliza B – 10 years Girls – 1st 
  • Mark B –  10 years Boys – 2nd 
  • Holly M –  9 years Girls – 2nd 
  • Lucy E –  11 years Girls – 3rd 
  • Matilda T –  10 years Girls – 3rd 

CSSAQ Cross Country:  

On Monday, 10 May, we competed at the CSSAQ Cross Country Carnival. Congratulations to all students who attended on the day competing fiercely for our College.  

 At the end of the day, the 10-12 years team were crowned 2nd place behind our friends at Citipointe in an extremely close race. Team Genesis finished as winners in the 10 years Girls age group as well as placing for the following age groups:

  • 9 years Boys – 2nd
  • 9 years Girls – 3rd
  • 10 years Boys 2nd;
  • 11 years Girls = 2nd
  • 12 years Girls 3rd. 

 Individual place-getters on the day were:

  • Madison R – 12 years Girls – 1st 
  • Matthew T –  11 years Boys – 1st 
  • Eliza B –  10 years Girls – 1st 
  • Chelsea L –  11 years Girls 2nd 


Morning and Lunch Time Training: 

Morning and lunch time training with Mrs McCarthy and Mrs Turner is continuing with a change in focus to Athletics. Please see the Genesis App or school calendar for training weeks and details. 



Met North Region Team Selections: 

  • Isabella S (Year 7) – Netball 
  • Windsor W (Year 7) – AFL 
  • Logan T (Year 6) – Hockey 

Pine Rivers District Team Selections:

  • AJ V (Year 6) – Rugby Union 
  • Blayze W – (Year 6) – Rugby Union 
  • Logan T – (Year 6) – Rugby Union 
  • Jackson M (Year 6) – Rugby Union 
  • Logan T (Year 6) – Hockey and Touch Football
  • Chelsea L (Year 6) – Hockey 
  • Mark B (Year 5) – Hockey 
  • Hunter T (Year 5) – Hockey 
  • Matthew T (Year 5) – Hockey 
  • Mitchell E (Year 6) – Rugby League and Touch Football 
  • Ella W (Year 6) – Touch Football 
  • Ellke S (Year 6) – Touch Football 


P-2 Fun Run: 

On the 27 April, we hosted our annual P-2 Fun Run. It was such a special event to invite our parents back to. The kids did an amazing job and loved challenging themselves around the course. A special thank you to our Year 6 Leaders and House Captains who did an amazing job on the day as helpers. 


NISSA Gala Days: 

We have completed our final Gala Day for our Semester One sports. We now transition into our semester 2 sports – Rugby Union, Soccer and Netball. It has been great to welcome our new NISSA school, Prince of Peace, and continue to build our strong relationships with our friends at The Lakes College and Grace Lutheran Primary. 


Next up… 

Our Year 3-6 Athletics Carnival on Friday 4 June. Please see the Genesis App for details. 

Kind regards,

 Louise McCarthy 

Director of Sport – Primary

Department Spotlight – Tourism

Department Spotlight – Tourism 

Brisbane City Council offers Brisbane residents and visitors the opportunity to learn more about the city by providing free Brisbane Greeter Tours.   

The Year 12 Tourism Class participated in an excursion as part of their studies for their Certificate III in Tourism. As part of the excursion, students needed to create a scripted commentary on one of the attractions and develop their own itinerary for a 3-hour walking tour of Brisbane/Southbank.   

The class was split into 3 groups of ten with the day commencing at Brisbane City Hall and ending over at Southbank with lunch at Pourboy Coffee Roasters. We visited a variety of iconic sights such as Brisbane Arcade, Brisbane Botanical Gardens, Regent Theatre, Anzac Square, and The Wheel of Brisbane to name a few.

Department Spotlight – Music

Department Spotlight – Music Excursion to QPAC 

“Lights! Camera! Action!”  

Highlights from Music Reviews Written by Year 7 And 8 Music Students:

Music students in Year 7 and 8 attended a concert entitled “Lights! Camera! Action!” at QPAC on Wednesday 27 April. The event showcased the Queensland Symphony Orchestra performing well-known movie and film music, from “Star Wars” and “Avengers” themes to “My Neighbour Totoro” and “In the Hall of the Mountain King.” Here are what the students had to say!

  • “Each time a new composition was played, they had different lighting which complimented the music and helped to build the atmosphere. Also, all of the musicians were dressed up based on characters of the pieces from the music they were playing.” (Hazel A, Year 8) 
  • “My favourite composition was “In the Hall of the Mountain King” because of the build up of tempo at the start and end. I also really enjoyed watching the cellist and double bass’s hands and arms move at 1 million kilometers per second.” (Eli A, Year 8)
  • “Overall, the Queensland Symphony Orchestra was great at giving the music classes an experience that they will never forget, as they went into great detail when explaining to us what they were about to play, and the important features to look out for in the music.” (Windsor W, Year 8)
  • “This orchestral concert made me feel like I was in the actual movies! I have found a new appreciation of music in movies. I would 100% recommend this orchestra to anyone as it takes up 50 minutes of your time…but it’s worth it!” (William A, Year 7)
  • “This amazing experience gave me the opportunity to explore a different genre of music.” (Santiago R, Year 7)
  • “I enjoyed the outing as we got to experience something new instead of just sitting in a classroom.” (Natasha L, Year 8)
  • “This was a great excursion in a well-managed facility, and I would love to go on another trip like this again!” (Caleb D, Year 8) 

Year 2 BBQ Bush Dance

Innovation and Learning Spotlight – Year 2 BBQ Bush Dance  

This year our Year 2’s came dressed, ready to impress us with their dance skills. The evening started with a family BBQ and a time to mingle with friends. It was so lovely to see the children running around and posing for photos with their classmates. Mr Bedville and Mr Williamson did a tremendous job on the BBQ and our Year 6 student leaders made sure we were all doing our part to be COVID safe.  

The children bravely and enthusiastically performed their dances with their dance partner. To end the evening, the parents joined the children on the dance floor. Mrs Turner was crowned ‘Queen of the Bush Dance’ for all her hard work getting the children ready for the evening. We all had a ‘Boot Scootin’ tremendous time! 

Kind regards, 

 Jacqui Grotius

Library News – Guest Author Visit for Year 4-6 Students 

Students in Year 4, 5 and 6 participated in writing workshops on Friday 7 May with Australian author, Tim Harris. Tim is the author of the Exploding Endings, Mr Bambuckle’s Remarkables and Toffle Towers series of books for Primary school children. He is a former teacher and plays drums in his church band.   

Tim shared hacks for writing great stories, including how to create interesting characters and settings, the importance of planning before you write, and how paragraphs and punctuation add impact to stories. 

During first break, Tim met with students from the 2021 Year 5 Readers’ Cup Team and the 2020 Year 5 Readers’ Cup Team. Toffle Towers is one of the books selected for the competition this year.   

Kind regards, 

Astrid Roberts-Weiss 

Primary Librarian 

Eden Eats

We’re excited to introduce the Term 3 menu! Please take a look and remember there are always lots of fresh options in our cabinets every day too!

If you’d like to contact Eden Eats please email us!

Unplug this Easter

Unplug this Easter

From the Leadership Team 

Recently the College hosted a Parent Information Evening with guest speaker, Brett Lee, former Queensland Police Officer, and detective in the field of Child Exploitation. Brett now works with schools and community groups to provide education on safe and responsible internet use. Encouraging our young people towards safe and responsible use of digital technology is such an important topic for us to be considering in this current age. You can access a recording of this must-see presentation here. 

We currently live in the technology age where more than 4.3 billion people across the globe use the internet and as a result, we have never been more widely connected. Social media connects families and friends across the world and COVID-19 certainly highlighted the wonderful opportunities that social media platforms offer each of us for connecting socially, educationally, and even professionally as we overcome the barrier of distance and separation. It is not all bad – we received extremely positive feedback from families with loved one’s inter-state or overseas last year on the ability to connect in via livestream to many of our end of year events.

However, despite the opportunities for connection that technology and social media provides, our society more widely has moved from a ‘we’ society – ‘we are all in this together’- to an ‘I’ society – ‘I am free to be myself’. One of the consequences of this ‘I society,’ has been the social isolation that many in our society feel (Sacks, 2020). I guess one of the weaknesses of digital connection is the fact that it does not involve face-to-face contact or the vulnerable intimacy of face-to-face connection. The immediacy of digital forms of communication has made it a default form of communication and a constant distraction for many young people today.

On average, teenagers in America spend between 7 and 9 hours a day watching a screen (Sacks, 2020).  Without doubt, this is having a profound impact on our young people as technology takes the place of face-to-face connection. Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook with his wife Priscilla, published an open letter written for their daughter August, explaining why they felt it was important for her to make time to go outside and play, because childhood is magical. This example is simply highlighting that even those who have created these digital platforms, have also identified the associated risks of their use.

Genesis staff are currently adopting a Staff Email Charter which is a set of guidelines that aims to help us actively reduce the number of emails sent and received. Therefore, providing more time for core business; reducing the distraction throughout the day; supporting work/home harmony and in certain instances, finding more effective methods of communication. I also recently read of a family that agreed to have one day per week without digital technology and social media. They called it their Shabbat … the Sabbath, the Hebrew word for cease and rest. They took this time to disconnect digitally but reconnect through face-to-face communication and quality time together.

As Easter approaches, we are reminded of the death and resurrection of Jesus. The purpose of Jesus Christ’s life was to offer himself as a sacrifice for our wrongdoing and in turn give us a fresh start and new beginning. But as we look at how Jesus lived life, it was all about connection and relationship with people and his father God. As we break across the Easter weekend to remember the life and sacrifice of Jesus, could I also encourage Genesis families to consider taking a break from digital technology and social media for a day or two, making an effort to do things that help us reconnect on a face-to-face level with those around us.

I wish our Genesis community a very special and refreshing Easter break and trust that you will find quality time to connect with family and friends, face-to-face.


Paul Sterling



Pastoral Care

You Matter!

You are God’s workmanship, (masterpiece) created in Christ Jesus to do good works which God prepared you to do.’

Ephesians 2:10

Each one of us has been uniquely fashioned. God put time and effort into expertly crafting you to be who you are. The original Greek word for `workmanship’ is poiema, literally meaning a poem or work of art. It is said that art is an expression of the inner being of the artist, who in our case is God himself.  How wonderful that through His grace, we are that!

Once we understand our true value in the eyes of God, it becomes easy to see those around us through His eyes too, and to marvel at what God has created in and through them.

This idea is at the heart of You Matter Day, which we celebrate at Genesis every year and which has its roots in Anti-Bullying Day. This year, we celebrated You Matter Day on Friday 19 March. This day continues to provide a chance to stop, examine our hearts, and value one another, appreciate one another and celebrate one another as God’s workmanship. Unfortunately due to COVID restrictions, we could not invite our parents on campus, but please know that you matter to us and that we value who you are. We sent a You Matter Day at Home flyer, which gave ideas for families to express their appreciation to people that matter to them in a tangible way.

Any profits made on the day went towards the New Life Orphanage in Myanmar, who we continue to  support, especially now more than ever as the country faces violence and a growing daily death toll due to Civil war. During the holidays, some beautiful children got together and decided to fundraise for Myanmar in an effort to show they care.

You can make a difference in the lives of others…YOU MATTER!

Curriculum Matters

Curriculum Matters

Recently the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) released the scaling report for Senior subjects in 2020. This is the first opportunity we have had to see how subjects have been scaled when calculating the ATAR for 2020 students. However, I need to point out that last year the Year 12 students completed one less assessment item, due to COVID-19, than students will complete this year. QTAC will scale the subjects each year and we can expect some differences year to year as the cohorts vary.

 I would also like to make these comments on the use of this document:

  • We thank QTAC for providing us such a comprehensive report in the spirit of fairness and openness.
  • QTAC, who calculate the ATAR and manage tertiary entrance in Queensland give this advice for students when selecting subjects

“Students should not select subjects based on predicted scaling outcomes, but should choose subjects they enjoy, are good at and which meet any prerequisites for courses they want to apply for”.

  • When choosing subjects at SETP interviews, we discussed and encouraged the subject choices which were the best fit for each individual student.
  • Students who choose subjects based on scaling parameters tend to become disengaged as they have little, if any interest in the subject, and consequently perform worse than if they had chosen subjects they are good at and enjoy.
  • Students who are eligible for an ATAR need to work consistently in all their subjects, as students who try to predict which subject will be used to calculate their ATAR generally get this wrong.

Students and their parents are welcome to meet with the Future Pathways team at any stage to discuss options after Year 12.

Kind regards

Wayne van den Bos

Director of Senior Phase

Secondary Highlights

Excellence in Character – Ambassadors for Genesis

We have now embarked on our sure and steady character journey. ‘Walk in the Light’ is a framework and vocabulary to describe the Genesis student.

As we nurture character with you, the College will be working with students to achieve better than their best (Grow) and use their time and talent for the benefit of others (Give). We will continue to develop a true sense of belonging (Connection). The flavours that we wish to see in all these endeavours are Christian values and faith (Conviction).

It is always a pleasure to meet with student leaders and those involved in the broader co-curricular life of Genesis. Their passion for our College, their sense of belonging, and their strong voice are always an encouragement. These students exemplify ‘Walk in the Light’.

The fruits of ‘Walk in the Light’ that we see in their lives are things like:

  • growing your gifts and talents
  • serving others to make a difference
  • playing their part to build a sense of family and exercising a Christian moral compass.

The fruit is a well-lived life. It is a purposeful and flourishing life.

The root of ‘Walk in the Light’ is found in our Lord, though His Word. The school motto is ‘Your Word is my light’. As we encounter what God reveals in His Word, we are blessed to ‘Walk in the Light’.

Sometimes when we talk about character, we will be only speaking about the fruits. At other times we will be speaking about the root of real character, a relationship with a living God, directed by His Word.


Stuart Taylor

Head of School – Secondary

Primary School Highlights

Primary Highlights

One of my favourite parts of being the Head of Primary is interviewing prospective students and families who want to come to Genesis, and we are just about to enter into a season of interviewing our future Prep students for 2022. We are really blessed in our school in that we have a significant number of applications for positions and choosing students to come can be really hard!

Truthfully, I just love meeting young people, hearing their stories, what they love about school, and what their hopes for the future are. It is so inspiring, that I often come out of interviews, wanting to come back to school myself!

One of the big topics of conversation in interviews is reputation. It is abundantly clear to me that Genesis Christian College has an exceptionally high reputation in our local community for being THE school of choice: many would say the pick of schools on the north side of Brisbane.

This makes me delve deeper into “why” Genesis has this reputation, and it all comes back to our culture and the heritage of who we are as a community.

As a distinctly Christian school, we hold a set of core beliefs. Many schools will say they have “values” or things they aspire too; but at Genesis our core beliefs undergird everything we do. It is from our biblical view of the world, that our values are formed, and from these values our expectations and actions. In other words, we are inspired by, and guided by the word of God in all that we do.

I often say to families when we meet, that Genesis has exceptionally high expectations on behaviour, and we follow through on this. We don’t just value good behaviours, but really believe that certain ways of acting are Godly and wholesome. And so, our classrooms and playing fields have a sense of order, and our students carry themselves with a sense of dignity, and pride in our school culture.

In our school, this translates into excellence in teaching and learning, and students’ results. We set the bar high, and students rigorously work hard to achieve their potential. This is part of our culture, and part of what makes Genesis Christian College, such a great school.

Another aspect of our College which radiates excellence is our co-curricular programs. Genesis sets the bar high for students in Music, Dance, Drama, Sports, and Service areas. I had the privilege of attending the Primary Music camp on the weekend and listen to our music ensembles rehearse together. What a joy it was to see such enthusiasm and teamwork with staff and students. This joy in community came through in the beautiful sounds the children made when performing together. An old mentor of mine would often use the phrase “Excellence through Community” when describing how we get the best work out of students and each other.

In essence, we do better individually when we are part of something greater than ourselves. This is something I would encourage all parents to get their children involved in; co-curricular activities which promote teamwork and the common purpose of working together, in music, arts, sports or service areas. The life skills this encourages in our children will influence their schoolwork, and ultimately their purpose, direction, and later success in life.

Yours sincerely,

Jeremy Williamson

Head of School – Primary

Secondary Sport

Secondary Sport

Representative Swimming

Congratulations to the Genesis team in winning both the 10-12 years and 13-19 years Pine Rivers District Swimming carnival! The following students represented Pine Rivers District at the Met North Swimming Trials: Alice B, Amity H, Carel V, Cayden H, Cooper B, David H, Ella P, Emily P, Harrison B, Isabella J, Isabella Y, Jacobus L, Jake F, Jazmin E, Johann M, Lachlan T, Luka L, Luke D, Mackenzie S, Madison C, Marley P, Mia O, Mikaydi B, Sophie D, Tyron K and Xavier C.

The following students competed at the QSS State Swimming Championships representing Met North from 22 – 26 March: Jessica B, Kaelah B, Patrick C, Ellen G, Olivia G, Zeph H, Isaac H, Ben M, Lauren W, Mia T, Ralph N, Lachlan B and Callum F.

CSSAQ Swimming Carnival

Genesis competed at the CSSAQ Swim Carnival at Chandler on 15 March, winning both the Champion School for 9-12 years and 13-19 years.

Age Champions from the 13-19 Years age Divisions were:

  • Jake F –14 years boys
  • Kaelah B – 15 years girls
  • Jessica B – 16 years girls
  • Luke D – 16 years boys

A special thank you to Mrs Louise McCarthy for organising the event, GSA coaches (Brendan Keogh, Rick Pendleton and Tony Keogh) and Team managers (Julie Turner, Amy Griffiths and Rhiannah Boch) for their hard work and dedication to the Swimming Team.


Cross Country

The Genesis 10-19 years Cross Country was held at St Paul’s School on Thursday 11 March. A special thank you to all the staff involved and the House Captains for their assistance with setting up the carnival and leading their Houses throughout the day. Congratulations to Shiloh who were the winning house in the 13-19 years overall points. The top three students for each age division were:

 12 Year Boys                           12 Year Girls               13 Year Boys               13 Year Girls

1st – Windsor W                         1st – Sienna Barr          1st – Manie V                1st – Reagan B

2nd – Jonty M                            2nd – Madison R           2nd – Luka L                  2nd – Michaela F

3rd – Noah C                              3rd –  Lucy S                  3rd – Santiago R            3rd – Mackenzie S


14 Year Boys                           14 Year Girls               15 Year Boys               15 Year Girls

1st – Ian B                                 1st – Haley W                1st – Henry J                 1st – Kate C

2nd – Ryan F                              2nd – Laura G                2nd – Ben C                   2nd – Grace M

3rd – Lachlan M                        3rd – Caitlin P               3rd – Christopher V      3rd – Holly M


 16 Year Boys                           16 Year Girls               Open Boys                  Open Girls

1st – Mitchell W                       1st – Stella B                 1st – William M             1st – Ella S

2nd – Lincoln S                          2nd – Carmen S            2nd – Noah C                2nd – Charlize S

3rd – William P/Ben M             3rd – Sophie D              3rd – Josiah M              3rd – Abbie R


Genesis Run Club

We’re excited to introduce the Genesis Run Club which will be held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 6:30am-7:30am. Tuesday sessions will be Endurance Running and Thursday morning, track speed work. These sessions will be run by Elliott Shultz from GSA and are available for all students. The focus will be on improving fitness, and there are opportunities for students competing in the upcoming Cross Country District/Regional trials as well as distance track events and triathlons/aquathlons.

On Wednesday morning from 6:30am-7:15am there will be a bike skills session for triathlons and cycling to improve bike skills.

Please meet at the indoor Tennis courts. These sessions will still go ahead if it is raining. To begin, all sessions will be free of charge.



Genesis were represented by 6 teams at the Metro Futsal competition in the 14 years girls and boys, 15 years boys, 16 years girls and Open boys and girls teams. Four teams made it through to the Finals round with the Open girls team progressing to the semi-final round. A special thank you to the coaches Chris Reynolds, Will Allan, Luca Braico, Jarrod Benbow and Jade Dethlefs for all their effort and commitment this term with the Futsal teams. We wish all our teams well for the BOSL finals which will be held on the 29 and 31 March



Genesis competed at the CSSAQ Touch championships on the 5 and 12 March. The Junior girls team came in second place, Junior Boys third place and the Intermediate boys fifth place.

Congratulations to Chelsea W, Mitchell P, Mikaela F, Jake S and Kye V for being recognised in the CSSAQ merit team. We wish all our teams the best for the BOSL Semi Finals which will take place on the 29 and 31 March.

We appreciate the valuable contribution of the coaches Daniel Sarmiento, Damon Benbow, Rei San Agustin, Maddison Lanyon and teaching staff Kris Oettinger, Paul Forrester-Brown and Andrew Duncan.



Genesis competed at the Wide Bay Regional Championships, consisting of four riders from the Secondary school:

  • Stella B – Year 9
  • Lara R – Year 9
  • Morgan L – Year 8
  • Carmen R – Year 11 (Carmen had to pull out due to her horse injuring itself. She came along and helped the team out in full Genesis team spirit)

Special congratulations to Morgan L:

  • Reserve Champion Combined Training Secondary 60cm
  • Reserve Champion Overall Intermediate Elementary Dressage (2nd & 3rd)
  • Reserve Champion Intermediate Show horse



Congratulations to our Year 12 students, Ella and Jaeve, who recently competed at the 2021 Queensland State Championship Regatta held at Lake Wyaralong, representing both Pine Rivers Rowing Club and the College.

The girls received Gold Medals in all three of the following events:

1st – Championship U19 double scull

1st – Championship U21 double scull

1st – Championship U19 quad scull

Ella and Jaeve were also selected to represent Queensland in the First 8 (number 1) crew, to compete against other states in a national regatta in April.


Special mention – Ella G – Won Queensland Netball Youth Spirit award










District and Met North Representatives

Congratulations to the following students for their selection in representative teams:

Pine Rivers District Team

  • Shivaani VT – Basketball
  • Madeleine W – Netball
  • Madeline R – Netball
  • Lauren C – Netball
  • Sophie D – Netball
  • Shandri B – Netball
  • Ashley M – Netball
  • Isabella S – Netball
  • Elijah N – AFL
  • Windsor W – AFL
  • Daniel E – Touch
  • Caelan M – Soccer
  • Mackenna M – Soccer
  • Stephanie H – Soccer
  • Ryder C – Touch Football
  • Ben C – Touch Football
  • Henry J – Touch Football

MET North Team

  • Charlize Sivyer – Netball


Olivia G in Year 10 competed at the Australian Open Water Championships held at Coolum, Qld. She swam in the 5km event and finished 14th nationally achieving a personal best by 2.5 minutes. Well done on this achievement!


Kind regards,

Anthony Arro

Director of Secondary School Sport


Primary Sport

Primary Sport


Met North Trials 

Congratulations to our swimmers who attended the Met North Swimming Carnival representing Pine Rivers. A special mention to the following students who were selected in the Met North 10-12 Years Swimming Team to attend the Qld State Championships: Ralph N, Callum F, Lachlan B, Mitchell E, Felix N


CSSAQ Swimming 

On Monday 15 March we competed at the CSSAQ Swimming Carnival as ‘Team Genesis’. Congratulations to all students who attended on the day competing fiercely for our College. At the end of the day, we were crowned Champion School overall for the 9-12 years age group.

Team Genesis also won the following age groups:

  • 9 Boys
  • 10 Girls
  • 12 Boys
  • 12 Girls

 The following students were awarded Age Champion placings:

  • Keegan H – 2nd – 9 years boys
  • Indigo K – 2nd – 10 years girls
  • Amelia L – 3rd – 10 years girls
  • Theo H – 1st – 10 years boys
  • Kiara V – 1st – 11 years girls
  • Felix N – 1st – 11 years boys
  • Matthew T – 3rd – 11 years boys

Cross Country:

We held our GCC Cross Country Carnival on Thursday 11 March and what an outstanding effort by all of our 8-12 year old runners. It was so great to see so many students do their best while competing for their house. Congratulations to our Champion House – GILEAD.


Age Champions:

8 Years Girls 9 Years Girls 10 Years Girls 11 Years Girls
Emily C Holly M Eliza B Chelsea L
Audrey T Sienna G Ayla J Lucy E
Chloe S Ruby K Grace R Poppy M


8 Years Boys 9 Years Boys 10 Years Boys 11 Years Boys
Charlie S Harrison L Thomas M Matthew T
Seth M Bailey S Cameron E Blayze W
Levi J Riley H Mark B Lachlan S

Morning Training:

Morning training with Mrs McCarthy and Mrs Turner has seen amazing numbers of students each week. Please see the Genesis App or school calendar for training weeks and details.


State Aquathlon:

Congratulations to Matthew T who has been selected in the Qld State Aquathlon Team after his outstanding performance at the Qld Championships. What an amazing achievement!

Congratulations also goes to:

  • Our Equestrian Team members who recently competed at the Wide Bay Regional Championships in their various age groups – Lily M (7th), Jonah M (5th) and Taylor L (3rd)
  • Phoenix G who has been selected in the Met North Golf Team
  • Elijah N and Windsor W who were selected in the Pine Rivers AFL Team
  • Noah C, Thomas M and Oliver D who were selected in the Pine Rivers Football (Soccer) Team
  • Isabella Schmidt-Ellwood and Viveca Magill who were selected in the Pine Rivers Netball Team

NISSA Gala Days:

It has been so lovely to see all of our Year 4-6 students having a blast at our Gala Days. What a wonderful opportunity to work as a team and practice those lifelong skills of working with others. It has been great to welcome our new NISSA school, Prince of Peace, into the mix with Genesis, The Lakes College and Grace Lutheran Primary.


10-12 Years (Primary and Secondary) Representative Sport Nominations – Term 2 

If you want to nominate your child for any of the Pine Rivers trials below you need to compete the form attached to the Genesis App communication no later than THURSDAY 1 APRIL. No nominations will be accepted after this time.

  • 10-12 Years Rugby Union
  • 10-12 Years Tennis
  • 10-12 Years Touch Football
  • 11-12 Years Girls Rugby League


Kind regards,

Louise McCarthy

Director of Primary Sport

Applications for Siblings Commencing 2022

Applications for Siblings Commencing 2022 

A Reminder from the Enrolments Office to Current Genesis Families

As family life can become quite hectic, sibling applications can sometimes be overlooked, and closing dates apply to both Prep and Year 7. Families with students on the Prep or Year 7, 2022 lists, will have recently received by email, notification of the commencement of the 2022 Application & Offer process. If you have not received this email, please contact the Enrolments office or 3882 9000 to confirm your application status. Other Year levels for 2022, will be updated towards the end of Term 3.

 Prep Applications

Genesis families are reminded to enrol younger children (siblings) as soon as possible, particularly for Prep. Attendance at Little Genesis ELC, does not automatically transfer to an application for Prep at the College and a separate application for enrolment must be completed.

Applications for 2022

If you have family or friends interested in applying to Genesis Christian College to commence 2022, applications are welcome at this time. Applications for Prep and Year 7, 2022 will be closing on 31 March. Applications received after the closing date will be added to supplementary waiting lists and may still be considered for subsequent offer rounds or future years.

Application forms and the Application Process Guide, is available on the College website 

For further information or enquiries please don’t hesitate to contact the Enrolment office by email or phone 3882 9000.

Yours sincerely,

Lynn M Swanson

Enrolments Registrar


Year 9 Rite Journey Departure

Year 9 Rite Journey Departure

The Departure event is an opportunity to celebrate the childhood of our Year 9 students with their parents, and encourage the students to boldly step into the next stage of their lives. We hosted this event on Friday 19 March, where we were blessed with a perfect break in the recent weather event, taking our Boys and Girls groups separately to Lake Samsonvale. Here the students reflected on their journey so far and the childish behaviours that would not be useful to them as they step into young adulthood.

Upon returning to school, each Rite Journey group presented to the gathered parents, their group name and its meaning, and the group cheer or chant that they had worked on. These cheers were greeted with rounds of applause, but perhaps the most memorable chant came from one of the group of boys who chose to sing their cheer. Well done gentlemen! After some brief speeches from staff, the students and their parents were encouraged to find a spot around the school to have a meal together where the students presented their parents with letters of appreciation they had written earlier in the week. Many tears of happiness were shed, and hugs exchanged.

It is hoped that this ceremony will signify the students stepping into their young adulthood by taking on more responsibility, and their parents giving their adolescent more opportunities to demonstrate their ability to make appropriate choices in their lives.

A huge thank you must go to Mr Kidd and Mrs Daniel for taking the lead role in organising this event, to the P&F for providing the afternoon tea that was greatly appreciated by the Year 9 students, and to the Senior School volunteers who provided their services throughout the event. Without their diligence and effort, this event would not have been the success that it was.

Kind regards,

Andrew Duncan

Rite Journey Leader



Year 7 Camp

Year 7 Camp

Noosa North Shore Retreat

Earlier this term in Week 5, the Year 7s headed off to camp! It was a fantastic opportunity for the students to make new friends and share new experiences together! On camp we spent a lot of time at the beach learning how to body board and surf! The students were also challenged in the high ropes activities and had the opportunity to try various difficulties.

The activities that the students could choose from were the flying fox, an obstacle course in their air, the giant swing and the leap of faith. We saw a lot of encouragement and team work amongst the Year 7s. This was demonstrated when so many of them wanted to help serve each other breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as how they demonstrated their gratitude to each other and the staff at Adventure Alternatives.

The students were also put to the test with the mountain biking experience and having to build a raft that could carry up to 7 students with minimal materials. The ultimate activity however, was the laser tag at night time. The Year 7s absolutely loved running through the obstacles at night and using team strategies to try and win. All of the teachers and parent helpers were so encouraged to see how well the Year 7s got a long and took the challenges in their stride.

We were so thankful for the amazing weather and that the students got to enjoy quality time together. I am also so grateful to the parent helpers that came and spent time with the staff on Year 7 Camp. A camp can never run smoothly without the tireless work of the staff that attend camp.

It was truly a camp to remember and the students are still talking about it today!

Kind regards,

Lauren Klingberg

Care and Conduct Leader – Year 7

Department Spotlight – Humanities

Department Spotlight – Year 11 Humanities

Year 11 students enjoyed an excursion to the Abbey Museum in Caboolture where they entered an ancient Archaeological site.

The first thing they found was the Egyptian Coffin! Pretty soon, it was clear that this was not just the site of an Egyptian tomb, but a crime scene as well! Why is there a skeleton with a Victorian era lamp in an Ancient Egyptian tomb site?

Students begin learning about Ancient History in Year 11 by studying Archaeology, and the Abbey Museum offers a chance to get their hands dirty – literally!

The Abbey Museum is a wonderful resource, right on our doorstep, that allows students to explore aspects of Ancient History, with artefacts from pre-historic Europe through to Shogunate Japan. In addition, the Museum has an amazing educational program that our students get to experience in Year 8 with our Medieval Europe Incursion and again in Year 11 with the Archaeological Dig.

After a tour of the Museum, the students are challenged to solve the mystery of the dig site. They are taught the methods that Archaeologists use on a dig, how to uncover artefacts, and how to record their finds. They find amulets, mummified cats, canopic jars and, of course, our mysterious skeleton. It’s delicate work, and as they work, the students collaborate to piece together the clues, interpreting their evidence and predicting what might have happened at the site.

The Year 11 students make excellent archaeologists and they successfully solved the mystery of the Egyptian Tomb Robber, who, after digging through the walls of the tomb, was crushed by falling masonry.


Leading the OSHC Program

One of the greatest highlights of my role has been the ability to see the fruitful beginnings that our Loose Parts program has had here at Genesis Outside School Hours Care.

Beginning my journey in 2018, and upon taking leadership of OSHC, I was able to share my vision and set out to create and form foundations for early learning within our program. Our vision here at OSHC is to provide opportunities for our students to acquire life skills, such as planning, design and construction. A vast amount of the most up to date research and knowledge were embedded into the professional development of our team leading up to the introduction of our Loose Parts program. This allowed our team to investigate and understand the practical considerations when creating play opportunities with children.

Toward the end of 2018, I began to explore the potential of Loose Parts collections for play resources at our centre. My aim was to increase the engagement in and the enjoyment of learning through play. From our observations of children interacting in these spaces offered, we were able to witness a more focused approach to the program, particularly suited to our integrated multi-age play at OSHC. Children were seen to be enjoying the outdoors and began to look forward to these play experiences.

Understanding and advocating for all children having the right to play, our outdoor play and Loose Parts play became an integral part of our overall approach to learning through play. With the introduction of Loose Parts, it became necessary to relate risk with play and develop our risk-benefit assessment. From our observations of children within these environments, it became apparent that children were generally very responsible, careful, and competent. We noted how children became aware of the responsibilities they had been given and how the children began to learn about risk, within a managed environment. Children were seen to build physical and social skills and produce a piece of work which is inhabitable, autonomous and of their own making.

In 2020, we saw our Loose Parts program partner with the Primary faculty and Curriculum-based lessons, with outdoor Loose Parts being implemented with weekly sessions for our Prep and Year 1 students. Our OSHC team facilitated this with our Prep and Year 1 teachers. Having play session within class time allows children and teachers to reflect on the learning that has occurred and document it accordingly. Children are able to make connections between numeracy concepts and the Loose Parts as well as increase their interest to formal learning when embedding Loose Parts within a formal curriculum context.

It has been evident through my time here at OSHC that Loose Parts create a richer environment for children, allowing them to do what they need to do, to follow their interests and go where their curiosity takes them.

In any environment, both the degree of inventiveness and creativity, and the possibility of discovery, are directly proportional to the number and kind of variables in it.” (Nicholson, S. 1971:30-34)

Kind regards,

Susan Cooper

Director – OSHC

Term 2 Date Claimers

Date Claimer Term 2, 2021

These dates are intended as a guide and are subject to change. Please consult the College Calendar on the App for the most recent, up to date details.

Thursday 22 April Prep- Year 2 ANZAC Day Service
  Year 3-12 ANZAC Day Service
Sunday 25 April

Monday 26 April


ANZAC Day Public Holiday

Tuesday 27 April Year 7-12 Parent Teacher Interviews
  Prep-Year 2 Fun Run
Wednesday 28 April Year 7-12 Parent Teacher Interviews
Thursday 6 May Primary Mother’s Day Morning Tea & Art Show
Tuesday 11 May Year 3,5,7,9 NAPLAN
  P&F Meeting
Wednesday 12 May Year 3,5,7,9 NAPLAN
Thursday 13 May Year 3,5,7,9 NAPLAN
Friday 14 May Year 3,7,9 NAPLAN
Tuesday 25 May Secondary Careers Expo
Friday 28 May Secondary Athletics Carnival
Wednesday 2 June Year 9-12 Music Through The Years
Friday 4 June Year 3-6 Athletics Carnival
Thursday 10 June Year 7-12 Colours Assembly
Wednesday 16 June Year 10 SETP Interviews
Monday 21 June Year 12 QTAC Information Evening
Tuesday 22 June P&F Meeting
Wednesday 23 June Year 8 Camp
Thursday 24 June Primary Mid-Winter Melodies
Friday 25 June Last Day of Term 2

Parenting Insights – Being an askable parent

In a recent conversation, a 16 year old told me how he’s enjoyed some great conversations with his father since the COVID-19 pandemic. What I heard from this young man was that his father is not just an affable person but also a very ‘askable’ parent.

The young man told me that he could talk to his dad about anything, which I suspect would be music to his father’s ears. I imagine that many parents would love to hear their kids say that about
them. The notion of being a parent that young people can discuss personal problems with and seek answers to some of life’s bigger issues such as politics, religion and sexuality has been a source
of personal reflection and study over many years.

While young people can be notoriously secretive about what’s on their mind, parent attitude and behaviour certainly impacts on their willingness to communicate. The following strategies will
maximise your chances of being seen as an askable parent in your young person’s eyes:

Be there
Proximity aids communication and relationship-building. The more time you spend in close proximity to a young person the more likely you are to have meaningful conversations.

Be attentive
Pay close attention when a young person starts a conversation or asks a question, as they are easily put o

Listen without judging or advising
Giving unsolicited advice is a sure-fire way to prevent young people confiding in you. Young people are more likely to discuss personal matters and difficult subjects if they know their thoughts and feelings won’t be judged adversely or that they’ll be deluged by advice. The use of Ahh statements (“Ahh, so that’s what’s bothering you?”) is great way to show young people that you are listening without judgement or advice.

Be prepared to challenge
There are times when you need to challenge the validity of a young person’s views, their behaviour or the values they express. Misinformation, disrespectful attitudes and revelations about unsafe behaviour need to be discussed rather than ignored or criticised. It’s wise to pick a time and a place that’s likely to promote rational discussion rather than responding when emotions are high.

Engage in banter
Respected Australian educator Dr. Tim Hawkes writes in his book Ten Conversations you must have with your son that lighthearted banter is a prelude to more serious discussions. Not only does banter build relationships but it gives parents’ permission to discuss thorny or personal issues with kids. At a time when a parent’s voice is easily drowned out by increased media and digital noise, it’s more important than ever to connect with a child or teenager on a personal level. Being an askable parent will help you build deeper connections with the young person in your life.

By Michael Grose.

Michael Grose, founder of Parenting Ideas, is one of Australia’s leading parenting educators. He’s the author of 12 books for parents including “Spoonfed Generation” and the best-selling

“Why First Borns Rule the World and Last Borns Want to Change It”. His latest release Anxious Kids, was co-authored with Dr Jodi Richardson

From the Leadership Team

Welcome to 2021!

This year our College theme is PurposeFULL.

As we celebrate our 30th Anniversary, our desire is to purposefully reconnect with our founding mission as a College.

Our mission statement is to provide high quality education that develops a passion for lifelong learning, Christian character and a desire to serve God in the wider community.

As we grow and develop, our desire is to remain true to this mission both today and in the days ahead. Continuing to develop within young people a passion for lifelong learning, a desire to grow in Christian character and a heart for serving God and others. What a wonderful mission to have!

This year’s theme of PurposeFULL, also relates to the journey that we are undertaking towards the development of our next Strategic Plan. Staff, students and parents will have an opportunity to contribute to the future direction of the College.

In preparing the Strategic Plan, we will undertake a process to identify the College’s strengths and weaknesses, the opportunities, challenges and competitive pressures we face, along with those elements of our College that will enable ongoing growth and success.

Our desire as a College, is that together we would seek to develop one shared vision, bringing glory to God by actively believing in and contributing to that shared vision.

We greatly value the opportunity to partner with you in this undertaking.


Paul Sterling



The Pastoral Care Pen 

 We’re excited to introduce our new Middle School Chaplain, Laura Tepe. Here’s a quick hello from Laura: 

Hi Genesis community! Thank you for welcoming me into your College – I am so enjoying meeting you and getting to know you all! I grew up in Melbourne but am loving life here in Brisbane. I am enjoying the warmer weather and exploring the beautiful beaches, rainforests and mountains here in Queensland. I love netball and AFL, and am a third-generation Lions fan. On the days I’m not working at Genesis, I run a wedding stationery business. I’m particularly passionate about seeing young people come to know Jesus for themselves and learning what it looks like to follow Him. I’m looking forward to having great conversations, asking big questions, and journeying with students to discover the amazing young men and women they have been created to be.”

Helping our kids to weather the storms 

As we know, life is full of storms that can be unpredictable and at time, relentless. It can be so hard to watch our children go through difficult times and it is very easy to worry about how they will cope. Over the years in my role I have watched and walked with so many children and young people who have gone through really difficult times, and I have had the privilege of being witness to their incredible capacity for resilience and strength. I have learnt that there are definitely a few factors that contribute to this resilience.  

Research shows that when young people go through challenging times, rather than it being a given that they will have Post Traumatic Stress, it is also possible that they can have Post Trauma Growth. This means that despite the traumatic event, over time there can be growth that comes. According to the founder of Positive Psychology, Martin Seligman, this all starts with the belief that storms will happen to me but the question is, am I prepared for them? Consider these 4 tools needed for growth. 

  1. Foundations – strong foundation can help to ensure that when the storms come they can draw strength and fortitude to stand strong. A foundation built on security, safe people and places, healthy distractions, helpful habits, unconditional and consistent love and acceptance. When young people have people who believe in them, encourage them, be consistently there for them and advocating for them when they can’t. This helps them to keep make necessary steps forward.


2. Love languages – Loving your child their way.  We are all wired differently to give and receive love, including our children. According to researchers there are 5 main different ways to give/receive love – 

    • Healthy touch
    • Gifts
    • Words of Affirmation
    • Quality time
    • Acts of Service.

 Author of  Love Languages, Gary Chapman explains, “Relationships grow better when we understand each other. Everyone gives and receives love differently, but with a little insight into these differences, we can be confidently equipped to communicate love well”. Sometimes we can be giving our best efforts to be communicating love to our child but it can be lost in translation if it is not loving them uniquely to who they are.  Do you know your child’s love language? Take the test here.  

When we give time to ‘fill our child’s love tank through their way of receiving love’ this can increase their feeling of being seen, known, understood and therefore secure and thus creating resilienceTake a look as some of the great resources available  

3. Soft heart and a strong mind  Our children need their primary care givers to be a soft place to land in what can be a harsh world, especially when they make a mistakethey need love, wisdom and guidance. They also need to see the mental fortitude it takes to stand strong and walk through tough times. When we model these two attributes hand in hand, we are giving our young people a road map to having what Brene Brown calls ‘a Strong Back and Soft Heart’. Instilling both kindness for self and others and a mindset that does not give up in tough times but learns how to problems solve, creates an inner strength that lasts the distance.  

4. Boundaries – Our children need to hear the word no when it is for their own protection, health and benefit in order to feel loved, safe and secure. They will react, but this will fade over time, especially when they realise your motive for saying no is out of deep love and care for them. Being consistent in our no and in keeping safeguards in place is the key to them respecting and listening to you in the tough times.  

We need to also allow ‘yes’ when appropriate, even to the things that may involve age-appropriate risk. When a child never gets a yes’, they can grow bitter, resentful and rebellious. But when we allow them to do things that bring growth, fun and enjoyment in their life within your boundaries, the relationship of trust between you grows. Follow the link for more helpful advice on healthy boundaries  

 It is our hope as educators in a school, to not only build a strong academic foundation, but that we support the whole child as much as we can to give them the best chance of a strong future. It is our joy to partner with you to help our young people Grow and Flourish! 

With thanks,  

Louise Klar 

Head of Pastoral Care and Growth 

Curriculum Matters – Authentic and Relevant 

The new year brings with it a number of exciting innovations in curriculum and pedagogy across the College. In Primary school, teachers and students will be embarking on project-based learning (PBL), which will provide students with opportunities to engage in authentic, cross-curricular units of work, encouraging autonomy, collaboration, problem solving and the application of critical thinking skills.  

The introduction of the Secret Skills framework will facilitate and model to Primary students positive intra– and inter-personal work habits and encourage them to be monitoring and developing upon these habits. 

The introduction of VR goggles as a tool to facilitate real-life learning experiences is gaining traction in the Secondary school with a variety of subjects engaging with the technology. Across the Secondary campus, students are using technologies to create and problem-solve, and the use of a new Learning Teams platform is assisting students to remain connected and organised.   

Developing mastery in knowledge and skills continues to be a focus in the Secondary school, with the use of cognitive verbs, positive and effective study and work habits, and exposure to authentic learning experiences being a continued focus.   


Kind regards,

 Nichola Welsh Remove featured image

Head of Teaching and Learning 

Secondary Highlights

Secondary School Highlights

 How could we start the first News & Events for 2021 without celebrating Matilda? We are blessed to have such depth of talent amongst our creatives. The outstanding performances are the cumulative work of many over eighteen months. My thanks go to staff for their above and beyond efforts; for students for their QPAC-standard performance and support work; and to parents for partnering with the College in such an important community event. 

 At Genesis, our Mission Statement includes ‘develops a passion for lifelong learning’, with the intent of service. I cannot think of a better example of this than Matilda. We grow in knowledge and skills for a purpose. We don’t just learn about acting or singing or logistics or lighting or props to just sit an exam. We do so for a purpose: to use the knowledge and skills to make a useful difference and to enhance life for others. All of those who contributed to the amazing success of Matilda gave of their time and talents to entertain us. At Genesis we Grow to Give. Indeed, from this year we are describing our purpose as Secondary students as, to Grow, Give and Connect with Purpose. 

 The year has already seen a number of very successful events – the Dedication Service acknowledged our thankfulness to God for His provision; the Leadership Commissioning Service focussed our attention on our collective vision; and the Swimming Carnivals celebrated a tremendous sense of House spirit. I am very much looking forward to the Cross Country on Thursday 11 March and expect to see all in attendance. 

 What a great start to 2021! 


 Stuart Taylor

Head of School – Secondary 

Primary School Highlights

Primary Highlights – its been great start to the year in Primary! 

Five weeks have now passed since the start of the 2021 school year, and I am very happy to say that on the whole, our Primary school students have settled in well into the new year, with teachers, support staff and students all working and playing hard. 

Digital Innovation hits Year 4! 

In the planning for the last 18 months has been the migration from iPads to Windows-based tablet devices in the Upper Primary school. The decision was ultimately made to transition in Year 4 this year and for these devices to roll into Years 5 and 6 in the coming years. This aligns our students operating system from Year 4-12 and will allow for a smoother technological transition to Secondary school. Our current Year 4s received their Microsoft Surface Go 2 devices in the first week of school this year and the results so far have been outstanding with very engaged students. The Surface Go 2 device is a touchscreen tablet device that also has a keyboard. The game changer with these devices is the digital stylus that comes with it, which enables students to handwrite directly onto the computer! This enables students to think more creatively, and artistically whilst saving work digitally. Alongside the device, Year 4s and all Prep-3 students have moved to the Digital Learning platform called SeeSawOne of the big things we learnt from the online learning experience of 2020 is that our students need an age-appropriate and effective tool for accessing their learning online, as well as for building a digital portfolio of work, which in time parents will be able to view and appreciate at any moment. Leading the way in the Primary school in implementing these initiatives is our new Digital Innovation Coach – Mrs Grace Denny, who also teaches in Year 4. Mrs Denny spends time each week developing our programs and coaching our Primary staff and students to be effective users of technology in the classrooms.  

I would also like to acknowledge the swimming teams on their recent success at both the NISSA swim meet and the Pine Rivers District Swimming Carnivals. At both meets, our Genesis Primary swimmers were superb yet again, with many individuals achieving podium and personal best results. Much thanks are to go to our Aquatics Centre staff, and coaches, and Mrs McCarthy and Mrs Turner for all their hard work with our swimmers so far this year. 

This Friday sees our first NISSA Gala day for 2021, with our Year 4 to 6 Genesis students lining up in fixtures with The Lakes College, Prince of Peace Lutheran College and Grace Primary in basketball, t-ball and touch football. Parents are most welcome to attend NISSA Gala days to support our students at any of the events this year but must ensure they follow they COVID-safe guidelines in place at each venue. 


Jeremy Williamson

Head of School – Primary 

College Swimming Carnival 

Congratulations to all students involved in the College Swimming Carnival. I would like to thank the House Captains, staff and the Genesis Sports and Aquatics Centre for their efforts and support to ensure the Carnival ran smoothly. Well done to Kirralee H and Isaac H who were named as the Genesis Swimming Captains for 2021. This year the Swimming Carnivals were run separately with a Middle and Senior School overall House Champion.  

2021 Swimming Carnival Results and Age Champions 

Middle School Carnival 

Overall Standings 

  • 1st – Shiloh 
  • 2nd – Bethel 
  • 3rd – Gilead 
  • 4th – Jericho 


House Spirit Trophy



Age Champions   

  • 12 Years Boys – 1st Callum F, 2nd Ralph N, 3rd Mitchell E 
  • 12 Years Girls – 1st Madison R, 2nd Mackenzie B, 3rd Piper H and Taylor B 
  • 13 Years Boys – 1st Zavier CB, 2nd Cooper B, 3rd Luka L 
  • 13 Years Girls –  1st Mackenzie S, 2nd Emily P, 3rd Ella P 
  • 14 Years Boys – 1st Jake F, 2nd Kairav V, 3rd Cayden H 
  • 14 Years Girls – 1st Mia OS2nd Mia T3rd Isabella J 


Senior School Carnival 

Overall Standings 

  • 1st –  Gilead 
  • 2nd – Shiloh 
  • 3rd – Jericho 
  • 4th – Bethel 


House Spirit Trophy



Age Champions 

  • 15 Years Boys – 1st Zeph H, 2nd Harrison B, 3rd Jacobus L 
  • 15 Years Girls – 1st Kaelah B, 2nd Lauren W, 3rd Isabella Y 
  • 16 Years Boys – 1st Luke D, 2nd Benjamin M, 3rd David H 
  • 16 Years Girls –  1st Jessica B, 2nd Amity H, 3rd Madison C 
  • Open Boys – 1st Johann M, Isaac H and Patrick C 
  • Open Girls – 1st Kirralee H, 2nd Ellen G, 3rd Lucy W 


Swimming Records

  • Open Boys 50 Breaststroke – Isaac H – 34.17
  • Open Boys 50 Butterfly – Patrick C – 28.435


Pine Rivers District Swimming Team 

 Congratulations to the following students for their selection in the Pine Rivers District team: 

Callum FRalph NLachlan BPiper HXavier CBIsabella JCooper BLauren WLuka LKaelah BLachlan TIsabella YAdam HMikaydi BMackenzie SOlivia GEmily PZeph HMarley PHarrison BElla PJacobus LAlice BTyron KJake FHenry JCayden HAmity HMia TJessica BMia OS, Madison CJazmin ESophie DLuke DBen MDavid HKirralee HOlivia LEllen GIsaac HJohann MCarel VPatrick C              


Pine Rivers District Team Selections 


  • 13-15 years – Maddy W, Maddy R 
  • 16-19 years – Sophie D, Shandri BCharlize S, Lauren C 


  • 16-19 years – Jenna C 


  • 10-12 years – Shivaani VT  


Met North Team Achievements 


  •  Meg A, Sienna B, Reagen B, Mackenzie B, Malayah D, Madison R, Haley W, Matthew T, Luka L, Mitchell W, William M 



  • 13-19 Years – Christopher C 



  • 16-19 years – Jenna C 

 Congratulations to all students on these achievements!


Other Sporting Achievements 


Luka L and Reagan B were invited to race at the super sprint Race Weekend at the Gold Coast in December. This event was organised by Triathlon Australia. Over five different races Luka came in 1st overall in the Boys division and Reagan came 9th. 

Please notify the Sports Department via if you know of any achievements for your children so we can acknowledge these in the Newsletter   



Anthony Arro

Director of Secondary School Sport 



Primary Sport 

 Welcome back to the new school year – there is lots of sport underway already!



Swimming Captains

Congratulations to our Swimming Captains for 2021 – Kiara V and Mitchell E. 


NISSA Twilight Swimming Carnival

On Friday 12 February we hosted the NISSA Twilight Swimming Carnival here at Genesis where we competed against The Lakes, Grace Primary and our new NISSA school, Prince of Peace.  Congratulations goes to all our swimmers who performed wonderfully on the day, coming away as Champion School. 


Pine Rivers District Swimming Carnival

On Wednesday 17 February we attended the Pine Rivers District Swimming Carnival. There were many amazing performances on the day with 21 Genesis 10-12 year olds selected for the Pine Rivers Swimming team. Those students were Theo H, Mark B, Thomas M, Amelia L, Indigo K, Charlie B, Felix N, Matthew T, Jared H, Kiara V, Abby H, Lauren G, Callum F, Ralph N, Mitchel E, Logan T, Lachlan B, Piper H, Taylor B, Madison R, Mackenzie B. 


Morning Training 

Morning training with Mrs McCarthy and Mrs Turner has kicked off on Wednesdays at 7:30am on the main ovalPlease check the school calendar for confirmation of the training schedule. 

Cross Country is in Week 7, so now is the perfect time to get your preparations started!


State Aquathlon

Congratulations to Mackenzie B, Sienna B, Madison R and Matthew T who represented Met North at the State Aquathlon Championships on Saturday, 13 February. 



  • Madison R, Chloe B and Carle S who were selected in the Pine Rivers Basketball team last week
  •  Lucille I, who competed at the Little Athletics Regional Championships and came 1st place in the 1100m race walk and 3rd place in the 800m. Lucille has now qualified for the State Championships. 

 Kind regards,  

 Louise McCarthy 


Matilda The Musical  

 What an amazing journey! The preparation of Matilda spanned three calendar years with COVID-19 causing a little uncertainty as to when it would finally be performed.

Matilda’s heartfelt theme found a simple relevance of life being unpredictable as we met insurmountable challenges and finally overcame these with the first performance a resounding success on 10 February. Matilda was performed five times over four days, with the audience captivated as they travelled with Matilda through her fractured life. They laughed and cried at the antics of Matilda’s family, class, and teachers, and were highly entertained with high quality singing and dancing, as the stage was transformed time and again by the crew with brilliant sets that featured a magnificent backdrop and even secret swings that came from the ceiling! The band was as always, an integral part as they provided such a polished performance. 

 The scale and quality of this performance was vastly different from the humble beginnings of the College as we remembered our 30th anniversary with a wonderful video, re-visiting all the past College musicals before the opening curtain. What a fitting celebration of how the Genesis family has flourished through the years! 

 To the core staff team who persevered for over 18 months to bring this show to fruition, we extend our sincere and heartfelt thanks. Parents, we deeply appreciate the support and encouragement you provided your children throughout their “Matilda” experience. Finally, to the student cast and crew, we have been so blessed by your hard work and positive attitudes. Congratulations and thank you for your energy and endurance to bring this fantastic story to life for the Genesis Christian College family! 


Year 12 Leadership Camp

Year 12 Leadership Camp 

 On Monday 8 to Wednesday 10 February, Year 12 headed off to CYC Burleigh for their final ever school camp. Being the final camp, there was an air of excitement amongst the cohort.  

 The camp consisted of predominantly water based activities with some of the highlights being surfing, surf rafting, tubing and stand up paddle boarding. In addition to this, the highly regarded Graham Hyman spent 2 sessions speaking to the Year 12 students, with the aim to equip them with the skills and mindset they will need to tackle the challenges of Year 12 and beyond. 

 Night 1 of the camp consisted of an engaging drumming session while night 2 brought a change in pace with the Op Shop Formal. There were some memorable outfits with Caleb and Jaimee being up there with the best.  

 A special mention goes to the Year 12 students who were involved in the musical. They willingly sacrificed their final day of camp to make sure that they were prepared for their musical roles. 


 Kind regards,

 Shayne Kriel 

Care and Conduct Leader – Year 12 


OSHC – Quality and Commitment in Outside School Hours Care 

Children are at the forefront of all that we do and there is undeniable evidence of this in the relationships that children and educators form. Educators and children will come and go, cross paths and share momentous journeys along the way. 

As you enter our centre, you will walk into a wild, interesting, crazy and loving centre full of children who are encouraged to be free to be themselves. Our community of parents, educators and kids create a unique experience for all. We push on the unconventional and are learning each day: we fail, we try again, we fall, we get back up. We value and embed play, and learn a new way to play each day. Valuing diversity, our team of educators will bring a diverse background, and not all are education based. Our centre sees this as a positive, as it in turn brings with it a variety of ideas, knowledge and practices. Our centre is proud of how it values diversity in educators and  acknowledges strengths that each person has. 

At Genesis OSHC, we continue to advocate for play and strive to be the driving force for our children’s wellbeing. We aspire that play will always be our priority and that the future is one that is unstructured and full of joy. It is a creation of a messy masterpiece where we welcome new ideas, explore new things and jump at the chance to extend the minds of our children. 

Our doors opened to our Preps this year and we are now home to Prep through to Year 6 and at times beyond. The preps have brought with them a sense of enquiry and energetic play with enthusiasm 

It has brought about reflective practice, as we have had to adapt our program to accommodate for the needs of young and fast growing pre-teens! We now offer a Junior and Senior program, valuing the benefit of integration and coming together throughout the afternoon, when we share our home.  

We have noticed the effect this has had on the Seniors as they role model, and through this observation, we have introduced ‘Kids today, Leaders tomorrow’ program, where our Year 7 students who have entered their Middle School years and beyond, are able to return as young leaders, volunteering their time to work with our youngest Oshiens. 

True Belonging never asks us to change who we are.

True Belonging requires us to be who we are.

Brene Brown

Kind regards,

Susan Cooper

OSHC Director






As per the Queensland Government recommendations: 

Any child who is showing signs of illness such as COVID-19 symptoms, or feeling unwell, must stay at home and get tested. If the child is showing signs of illness at school, the school will contact the parent or carer to collect the child. 

Navigating your child’s online world

A Cyber Safety Event hosted by expert Brett Lee

Do you feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle with the use of technology in your household? Worried about what your children are actually doing online but not sure how to to find out? Not sure how to set age-appropriate boundaries?
You’re not alone! These are common questions that parents today face.
This cyber safety event is not to be missed. Hosted by Brett Lee, a former police officer and online child exploitation detective, this parent information night will provide real insight and actionable steps for parents.
Topics covered include:
  • How to help your child maintain their sense of self in a pressurised online world
  • How to help your child create a healthy balance between real life and online connections
  • The best parental control apps
  • How to set healthy boundaries and digital contracts.

For more information click here. 

Season’s Greetings!

Season’s Greetings!

 So, let us be thankful. My hope is that in the midst of our 2020 memories, we can rejoice in the good things as well as the challenges.

We can be thankful for the growth we have seen in our children and ourselves; thankful for the hurdles jumped; thankful for the obstacles we have navigated; thankful for further developed talents and milestones reached and thankful for the school community that our children enjoy here at Genesis.

2020 has probably brought us more growth than we realise, and I am thankful for our strong, supportive community that has sought to encourage one another through the highs and challenges of the year. I am personally thankful for the welcome that the Genesis community have offered me and my family this year. So often we tell our children the difference that attitude and positive words can make, not only to themselves but to those around them, so I encourage you to leave 2020 with thankfulness and a positive spirit.

Genesis Celebrates 30 Years in 2021

 2021 is set to be an exciting year at Genesis. 2021 marks the 30th Anniversary for the College and we look forward to celebrating this significant milestone.

Lower Primary Redevelopment

 2021 will also see exciting College redevelopment plans begin. The Stage 21 Building Project will focus on the redevelopment of our Lower Primary School and includes the renovation of eight general learning areas, one LOTE specialist room, two large flexible learning areas, two offices and one large staffroom/staff training centre. Click here for further information and a virtual fly through of the project.

Thank you to our families for partnering with us again this year. We would have loved to see you around the campus more throughout 2020, and we look forward to a time when COVID restrictions ease and will allow this freedom to occur.

I extend my warmest wishes for a happy and holy Christmas season and trust that your family can enjoy a refreshing Christmas holiday. We look forward to seeing you again in the new year.

Luke 2:11 – For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, who is Christ the Lord.


Paul Sterling



Well what a year! I am not quite sure how we got to the end of 2020, but here we are.  

Recently I heard someone talking about a practise that they like to do at the end of every year and that is to reflect on the year that’s been in an effort to not miss the meaningful moments, the lessons and the blessings through the good times and through the hardships. As I reflect on this practise I can see the power of this activity for 2020. We can reflect on what we are taking with us into 2021 and what we might want to leave behind, so that no matter the season, we are still learning and growing in life. This activity can help us and our family to feel grounded amongst the turmoil, give us a renewed sense of direction, helps us to recognise what we are grateful for, recognise what is still in our control and what we value.

As I reflect, what stands out the most this year for me, it is a deeper understanding that life is short and the question I have found myself asking is, “am I making the most of it”? Am I pursuing that which is meaningful or what I value the most? This is a challenging thought, but one worth pursuing each day so that life doesn’t just slip by us.

One of the activities I often do with students is an activity to help identify their values and understand how to use them to make choices that add value to their life, helping them to become the person they want to be rather than choices that take them away from this.

Living from our values can help us to create purpose in our lives despite the challenges, because this is always something we can control. Most of the time students identify that family relationships are what they value the most as well as attributes such as love, kindness and connection. Despite how your child displays this, deep down this is something they desire because this is what God has created and hard-wired us for. The family is where God designed for us to experience this connection the most. What are you doing or can you be doing to foster this connection on a deeper level in your family relationships, despite the busyness and fast paced, technologically driven world we live in.

Sometimes, depending on what age or temperament your child is, this can be challenging, but find what works for you both and do more of this (TIP – read this article!).

These holidays, I want to encourage you to go back to basics. Think about the words of the famous Christmas song, “all I want for Christmas is you” and perhaps this is all our kids really need and want – time together with us. Remembering that physical, mental, emotional and relational connection are all protective factors against mental illness, low self-esteem, poor decision making and being easily influenced by others. Strong and secure young people are as a result of a strong, secure and safe base.

What family or faith rituals this Christmas/holiday time can you return to or start as a way to connect with your children, providing a secure and safe base for them. I am always encouraged by the bible verse:

‘Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it’. Proverbs 22:6

It is amazing how these rituals of faith and fun can become the very practise that bonds us with our children or brings great comfort to their lives when they are older because it was a consistent practise in their younger years.

For a quick 4 min video on the importance of family rituals by Maggie Dent, and some other great articles on building connection with your children over the holidays see below:

On behalf of the Pastoral Care team at Genesis, we want to wish you all a big Merry Christmas and let you know that we are praying for you and your family, for a safe and blessed holiday break. We look forward to seeing you all again in 2021 and please feel free to reach out to our Pastoral Care Team at any time if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s wellbeing.


Louise Klar

Head of Pastoral Care and Growth & College Counsellor

Curriculum Matters – What is in your Hands?

At the beginning of the year, our Principal, Mr Sterling, asked Genesis staff the question, “What is in your Hands?”  This turned out to be a very pertinent question, considering the year that we have had. 2020 has certainly brought its challenges, but what it has also highlighted is the strong foundation on which we, as a learning community, find ourselves.

The Genesis community banded together to support learning from home, and the rapid development of learning platforms, online learning and remote care for students and staff alike. What was very clearly in our hands was innovation, creativity and problem solving – skills that we endeavour to teach and learn throughout.

The Year 12 cohort recently completed their External Assessments, and despite a number of difficult circumstances this year, arrived prepared and confident to embark in their final assessments. No doubt the Year 12 teachers played a pivotal role in preparing our students for these final weeks of their formal schooling journey, but the collective contribution of the learning community assisted in building these strong foundations long before Year 12.

We wish our Genesis community a blessed Christmas.

Kind regards,

Nichola Welsh

Head of Teaching and Learning

Secondary Highlights

As tempting as it is to fill my final newsletter with words like ‘unprecedented’, ‘COVID’, and ‘Christmas’; my ambition is to avoid this.

There is a very real sense that staff and students are looking towards 2021 as an optimistic horizon. It is surprising how simple things can give bright hope, how new beginnings fill us with possibility.

As more communication comes about Launch 2021 (the week prior to school resuming), please make time to have your children collect everything they will need for classes on Day 1 and sign-up for the many co-curricular endeavours that enrich their schooling experience.

A new school year is also a time for new school clothes to fit those rapidly growing teenage bodies. I am looking forward to seeing boys with size 10 feet wearing size 10 socks (it might be time to throw out those smaller ones) and tall torsos wearing shirts that stay tucked in! Please review the shoe policies as well, as I’d hate for you to buy shoes needlessly. A particular reminder would be that Sport shoes are to be predominantly white.

The new school year will also see us enjoying the College’s performance of Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical. The cast and crew have shown enormous determination and resilience to ensure an amazing start to 2021. Performances are in Week 3 of Term 1, and tickets go on sale in early 2021.

My Christmas encouragement to one and all, is to declare to each other at the end of your Christmas lunch how you have become stronger throughout 2020. The unprecedented COVID challenges have been met and overcome. We are more resilient, more connected and more purposeful.

Then give thanks to our Lord for His steadfast love; for He so loved the world, that He gave us Jesus.


Stuart Taylor

Head of School – Secondary 

Farewell Class of 2020

Farewell Class of 2020!

Year 12 is a challenging journey in a “normal” year, but for the Class of 2020 it was especially difficult. Navigating a new Senior system and subjects added to the challenge, before COVID and online schooling hit, throwing things into disarray. Further challenging the Genesis Year 12s were the tragic events of Term 3.

After all these ups and downs, it was an emotional and heart-warming final week for the Class of 2020! Different from previous years, external exams filled much of Term 4, before a whirlwind final three days packed with the Senior School Presentation and Awards ceremony, muck-up day, Valedictory service, and to top it all off, the Formal functions!

Highlights of the last week included an engaging and humorous address from Valedictorian, Rowan O’Hara, the traditional Genesis guard of honour, and a glamorous Formal function that included dancing – something which had not looked possible for much of the year! After such a tough year it was fitting to finish on a note of celebration.

On behalf of the Genesis community, we wish all students from the Class of 2020 every success and blessing for the future!

Kind regards,

Rohan Mills

Care and Conduct Leader – Year 12

Primary School Highlights

Primary Highlights                                         

As the year draws to a close, it is time to look back on the wonderful year we have had at Genesis, especially in our Primary school. Our students and staff continuously amaze me, not just with their exceptional results across sporting, artistic and academic endeavours, but also, and perhaps more importantly, with the dedication to training and studying, humility, and selflessness with which they do this. Our Genesis students consistently perform at the highest levels in all of these areas, within our culture of high expectations, and now is the time to rest and unwind as we head into the holiday season.

2020 has been a year like no other with, having to not only negotiate the impositions of a global pandemic, but also re-designing how we learn and make adjustments to almost everything in College life. The learning however has been enormous, and as teachers we have never had to learn so much so fast! The great thing about this is that Genesis staff have adapted quickly and we are purposefully using the things we have learnt, to make education only better into the future.

Covering all of this of course, is our Christian culture; through which we observe and design everything, and ultimately understand learning and our world. With the help of God, and seeking his will in all things, 2021 will be another great year in the Genesis community.

 Staff Farewells

Each year some staff move on from Genesis, and we are beholden to thank them for their work at the College

  • Deb Hey – has been an integral staff member of the College for 29 years. Mrs Hey was one of the first few teachers to ever work at Genesis, and commenced her first classes out of the back of Bray Park Community Church hall, well before any of the Genesis you see today was built. Mrs Hey also wrote our College Anthem, as well as numerous other things which have contributed to the Genesis we see today. We will formally farewell Deb at our staff luncheon this year, however we want to publicly thank and acknowledge Deb, upon her retirement, and wish her God’s richest blessings for the next season of her life.
  • Amelia Wooderson – has been teaching in Prep this year, and will be moving to the southside of Brisbane for 2021.
  • Deanna Hatcher – will be moving to another private school on the Sunshine Coast which is much closer to home for her.

 2021 Staff Appointments

We have been very blessed with the high quality of staff who desire to work at Genesis, and we are excited to announce the following appointments for next year.

  • Grace Lin – will be joining the Prep team. Grace comes to us with significant experience in Christian Schools in Melbourne and Brisbane. Grace describes herself as a passionate educator with a desire to provide a safe, secure and nurturing learning environment for any students in her classroom.  We’re so glad to be welcoming Grace to our Genesis family.
  • Zac Stirling – will be joining the Year 1 team. Zac comes to us with previous experience in both state and Christian schools.  Zac aims to create fun and engaging units of work, making all of his lessons interactive and informative. He encourages his students to reflect God’s love to others, utilise their unique strengths and to try their best to serve others. Prior to his teaching career, Zac was a mechanical draftsman and industrial designer, therefore his particular skills benefit his teaching, particularly in the areas of STEAM. Visual art, numeracy and digital technologies. We are so happy as well, to be welcoming one of the rarest species, a male role model to the Lower Primary School.

We’re looking forward to a great 2021.

Primary Colours Assembly

Recently we conducted our Primary Sports and Colours Co-Curricular Awards which combine Sport, Cultural and Service Awards. We have had a considerable number of students achieving these awards and this is a very healthy sign of a growing program and also an expanding commitment to activities that the College offers beyond the classroom.

Through the Colours system, we not only recognise the efforts of many students but also demonstrate to all the many and varied ways of contributing to our College life. By doing so, students gain so much more fulfilment, a sense of worth and a sense of service and well-being, and these attributes are so necessary for a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

The Colours Scheme provides students with a small incentive to be involved in activities beyond the classroom. Students accumulate colour points varying on the commitment required for training or involvement. All activities are College based and the Colours system operates across the whole College with a small roll over of points from Primary into Secondary. Both systems are similar in nature with the end goal for Primary, a Gold award and in Secondary School, full colours, worn on the College blazer.

Primary Celebration Services

The last two weeks of school saw our annual Primary Celebration services for Prep, Year 1&2, Year 3&4, and Year 5&6. These services were a fine demonstration of student achievements throughout the year. One particular aspect of the P-4 services special to Genesis is the individual citations. At Genesis, we believe that every student is special in God’s eyes, and brings their own unique skills and talents to make our school a better place. Therefore, we don’t just celebrate academic, sporting and cultural achievements, but other aspects of life such as citizenship and character in every student.

I will however give special mention below to our Major award winners from Year 6, as they represent the pinnacle of Primary school achievement.

  • Most Valuable Contribution – Upper Primary Choir – 2-way tie – Samantha C/Rachael N
  • Most Valuable Contribution – Primary Concert Band – Sianna W
  • Most Valuable Contribution – Primary Strings Ensemble – Maya L
  • Most Valuable Contribution – Guitar Ensemble – Olivia Y
  • Most Valuable Contribution – Brass Band – Joseph A
  • Most Valuable Contribution – Flute Choir – Tessa J
  • Susan Hay Memorial 2nd Runner Up to Best and Fairest Girl – 2-way tie – Isabella J/Emily P
  • Susan Hay Memorial 2nd Runner Up to Best and Fairest Boy – 3-way tie – Nicolas A/Owen H/Manie VT
  • Susan Hay Memorial Runner Up to Best and Fairest Boy – Xavier CB
  • Susan Hay Memorial Runner Up to Best and Fairest Girl – Olivia Y
  • Susan Hay Memorial Best and Fairest Boy – Ralph N
  • Susan Hay Memorial Best and Fairest Girl – Ella P
  • Christian Citizenship Award – Male – Prosper M
  • Christian Citizenship Award – Female – Jemimah D
  • Year 6 Runner Up to Dux – Alice B
  • Year 6 Dux – Elijah N

Yours sincerely,

Jeremy Williamson

Head of School – Primary

Year 6 Graduation Dinner

Farewell Year 6!

As Primary School draws to a close for our Year 6 students, one of the most exciting events on the calendar is the Year 6 Graduation Dinner.

This dinner is a celebration of the journey through Primary, and it is amazing to see how far the students have come. The evening also provides the rare opportunity to dress up a little! Our students had the chance to show their maturity and manners as they talked with friends and teachers alike about their favourite (and perhaps not so favourite) moments of the year.

We were fortunate to have some thoughtful and challenging words from the 2021 Year 7 Care and Conduct Leader, Miss Lauren Klingberg, as well as a vote of thanks from Mr Jeremy Williamson. Mr Paul Cobb made a surprise video appearance despite being many miles away to wish the Year 6 cohort well. The teachers provided great entertainment through the ‘How Well Do You Know Your Teacher?’ quiz, as many weird and wacky facts came to light. We were also fortunate to have Andino, the illusionist come along and share some truly mind bending tricks that had everyone reluctant to believe their eyes.

Just as unbelievable is how much these wonderful Year 6 students have grown in the past seven years! Many photos of their journey were shared, and it is wonderful to see how much they have matured.

We congratulate our Year 6 Class of 2020 for their achievements in Primary School and wish them all of God’s blessings as they begin their next chapter in Middle School.

With thanks,

Paul Johnson

Care and Conduct Leader – Year 6

Secondary Sport

Thank You

I would like to extend a sincere thank you to all the Genesis families for your support this year with the College Secondary Sport program. This has been a challenging and unprecedented year and your patience and understanding with the changing landscape of sport in 2020 is valued and appreciated. Whilst this has been a disappointing year with a number of sports not being able to take place, the resilience and character of our Genesis students has shone through. A special thank you to all the coordinators of sport, teaching staff, outside coaches, parent and student volunteers and House Captains for all your efforts. I hope and pray that you have a restful break with your families and looking forward to 2021 as we launch our new sport program in the College.

Equestrian – Qld State Interschool Championship Results 2020

Congratulations to Freya K and Morgan L for their achievements in being selected for the Queensland Equestrian Team. This is a tremendous achievement and we hope that next year there will be the opportunity to take part in the National Championships which were unfortunately cancelled this year due to COVID.

  • Freya K:
    • 3rd Qld State Senior Working Hunter (National Qualifier)
  • Morgan L:
    • 2nd Qld State Combined Training (National Qualifier)
    • 4th Qld State Intermediate Working Hunter (National Qualifier)


Genesis students competed at the All Schools Qld Triathlon Championships which were held at Kawana on Sunday 25 October. The placings of students are as follows.

  • William M – 24th place
  • Kate C – 31st place
  • Mitchell W – 18th place
  • Haley W – 11th place
  • Malayah D – 35th place
  • Reagan B – 37th place
  • Meg A – 47th place
  • Luka L – 25th place

These students have all been selected to take part in the State Triathlon Championships in Hervey Bay from the 11-13 February as part of the Met North Team. Hayley W will also be taking part in an upcoming event at Runaway Bay as part of the Triathlon Queensland development program.


Kate C has been selected to be a member of the Queensland School Sport 13-19 Years merit team for Triathlon in 2020. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Queensland teams will not be competing at any higher competition in 2020. Congratulations to Kate with this achievement in Triathlon this year.

Queensland Reds Rugby Sevens Tournament

After around 6 weeks of training, Genesis competed in the Queensland Reds Rugby Sevens tournament and played against 5 other schools. The boys played games against Matthew Flinders, West Moreton Anglican College, North Lakes State College, Sunshine Coast Grammar School and St. James College. The boys won one game which was an excellent effort coming off limited training. Every student in the team showed a committed to training and gave 110% in each and every game. A special thank you to Queensland Reds development coach, Andrew Chapman from the Albany Creek Brumbies, Tim Walker (Rugby Coordinator), Johnny Caldeira-Santos and Bruce McDougall (coaches) for all their efforts with preparing the students for the tournament. Without these dedicated people, it would have been impossible to develop the Rugby program this year. Well done to all the players:

 Ben M (Captain), Jake S (Vice Captain), Zac C, Tyler L, Lachlan H, Daniel T, William P, Alex C, Coach (Bruce McDougall)


Jaeve P and Ella S (Year 11) were recently presented with their Queensland representative suits from Rowing Queensland for their outstanding achievement of being selected in the Queensland team. Well done to Jaeve and Ella for their selection.

The “come and try” days for Rowing were successful with several students attending the sessions to experience the sport for the first time. We look forward to next year with the rowing program in the College and thank you to Ashley Smith (Rowing Coordinator) and the Pine Rivers Rowing Club for their support of the Genesis Rowing program.

Kind regards,

Anthony Arro

Director of Sport – Secondary

Primary Sport – What a great finish to our Sporting Program for 2020!

Schools Tennis Tournament:

Three teams took part in the Schools Tennis Tournament. Our Orange ball team consisted of Deezil P, Jack S, Thomas N, Asher T and Oscar P who put in a great effort on the day, giving every match 100% effort and conducting themselves with a positive and encouraging attitude.

Our Green ball 1st team consisted of Elijah N, Manie VT, Hayden D and Jackson S and our 2nd team included William S, Jackson G, Jackson M and Nicholas A. Our 1st team prevailed top of their pool and made it to the final playoffs, eventually finishing 3rd for the day, and narrowly missing out on qualifying for the state finals.

Swimming Carnival:

Congratulations to all our Years 3-6 students for their participation at our Years 3-6 Swimming Carnival. It was a brilliant day! Special congratulations go to our Age Champions:

8 Years Boys

1st Keegan H

2nd Deezil P

3rd Bailey S

8 Years Girls

1st Holly M

2nd Ruby K

3rd Zoey P

9 Years Boys  

1st Theo H

2nd Mark B

3rd Thomas M

9 Years Girls

1st Amelia L

2nd Indigo K

3rd Charlie B

10 Years Boys

1st Felix N

2nd Matthew T

3rd Jared H

10 Years Girls

1st Kiara V

2nd Abby H

3rd Alexandra B

11 Years Boys

1st Ralph N

2nd Mitchell E

3rd Logan T

11 Years Girls

1st Madison R

2nd Mackenzie B

3rd Taylor B

 Congratulations to Amelia L who broke the 10 Years Girls 50m Backstroke record with a time of 43.36!

And of course, congratulations to our champion swimming house – GILEAD.

Congratulations Mackenna

Over the past 3 months Mackenna M has completed a trial process and has been accepted into the Queensland Academy of Sport U13, 2021 Female Football program. This is such a phenomenal achievement, and we are so proud of you Mackenna!

Congratulations Santiago!

Congratulations to Santiago R who has been selected for the South East Queensland Futsal 2020/2021 and NPL Queensland Fútbol 2021. What an amazing achievement!

Kind regards.

Louise McCarthy

Director of Sport – Primary




Instrumental Music

Performance Music at Genesis in 2020 has been unique and creative. We have enjoyed new ways of performing, including recording videos to share and playing in ‘pop up’ concerts around the College. We have been so thankful to also perform in some memorable concerts.

Strings in Spring

On Thursday 22 October the College was proud to finally present our first formal performances for the year, Strings in Spring. The evening included performances by all College String Ensembles as well as chamber ensembles and a special performance from Genesis alumni, Amy Hosking. This was also the very first performance from our newest Genesis musicians, Beginner Strings, who started learning their instruments at the beginning of Term 3.

Concert on the Green

Genesis Music was excited to present Concert on the Green, an outdoor event featuring all College concert, brass and jazz bands. Music families brought along lawn chairs and picnic blankets, purchased a delicious dinner from the food trucks and enjoyed a relaxing and fun evening’s entertainment.

Mr Hannah sincerely thanked our outgoing Year 12 musicians and presented them with a farewell gift. Audience members commented on the fun, relaxing atmosphere and warm community feel.

Thank you to all of our musicians and of course our biggest supporters, our music parents.


The Value of OSHC (Outside School Hour Care)

Children gain real world experiences here at OSHC that enable them to grow and develop holistically. Students enjoy celebrations from around the world and diverse cultures coming together as an extension of their home and classroom settings.

Working within the early primary years, we as educators, have the unique opportunity to greatly influence the growth and development of our OSHC children in various capacities. This includes self-regulation, the ability to respectfully interact with their peers, and develop their vocabulary as well as providing physical opportunities to extend their gross and fine motor skills.

At OSCH, we are able to support this, particularly through the time spent with other children and while ‘play’ takes place. Play is a much underrated but incredibly vital part of a child’s development. Our philosophy stems from a child’s right to play and leisure. We are passionate advocates for children’s rights and feel that children are capable to take on risks in a safe and supportive environment. We feel that children are competent, and if provided the opportunity, will learn by trial and error and provide allowance for making mistakes.

Our program is based on our natural environment and extends beyond the classroom setting. Through this setting, we can promote respect and understanding of a sustainable future. Our service is unique as it offers integration of all primary year levels. It is through this, that we have found children have formed trusting relationships with one another.

For the first time over the past six months, we have opened our doors to our youngest entry level, the Preppies. OSHC has provided the opportunity for these students to form relationships with the older peers and with this, they feel more supported with the transition into their primary years.

Our program and environment allows us to be inclusive of all interests and needs. We base our program on taking a flexible approach, allowing children to solely drive the program. Children are involved in decision making through sharing their interests and desires. We welcome all feedback, encouraging children to voice their opinions, which forms our reflective practice.

It is truly a collaborative partnership where relationships are our key outcome, both with our families and the children that we care for.

If you’d like to join our OSHC Family, please email Susan Cooper  or visit our website.

With thanks,

Susan Cooper

Genesis OSHC Director



As our Year 12 students begin their External Exams, which is a component of the new Senior Assessment system being introduced this year across Queensland, it signals to us that we are now only a matter of weeks away from saying farewell to our Year 12 cohort.

Our Year 12 students have faced significant challenges this year and we are so proud of the resilience, determination and character shown in pushing, on despite the challenges and the opposition. Please continue to uphold our Year 12 cohort in prayer as they complete numerous end of year exams in the coming weeks.

Recently, we have been blessed with numerous opportunities to celebrate and recognise the diverse activities and learning experiences that our students have participated in. This has included year level camps, various excursions/incursions, sporting events, the Genesis Dance competition Rise Up, Strings in Spring and our Years 7-12 Co-curricular Celebration Service.  End of year celebration events provide us with a wonderful opportunity to pause and reflect upon the year that has been, even with its challenges.

Several of our celebration events this year need to be conducted as student-only events due to COVID restrictions. We trust that you will take the opportunity to join us online for these special events. They can be accessed by logging onto Parent Lounge selecting the School Links tab, and General Links.

  • 18 November                          Senior School Presentation Ceremony
  • 20November                           Year 12 Valedictory Service
  • 24 November                          Year 3-4 Celebration Service
  • 25 November                          Middle School Presentation Ceremony
  • 25 November                          Year 1-2 Celebration Service
  • 27 November                          Year 5-6 Celebration Service

This year, access to viewing the Pre-Formal Function is not able to be open to our whole community but instead only available to our Year 12 parents/guests by invitation. These events, although they may look different, still allow us to celebrate the students, and we are so grateful that we have been able to proceed and recognise these special moments in time.


Paul Sterling


Term 4 Date Claimers (Prep – Yr 12)

Term 4 Date Claimers

30 October Day for Daniel
2 November Year 9 into Year 10 Work Experience Expo
6 November Years 3-6 Swimming Carnival
11 November Years 7-10 Remembrance Day Service
13 November Years 3-6 Primary Colours Awards Assembly
16 November Year 6 Graduation Dinner
17 November Year 6 into Year 7 Transition Day
18 November Years 10-12 Senior Presentation Ceremony
20 November Year 12 Valedictory Service/Pre-Formal/Red Carpet/Formal
24 November Years 3-4 Celebration Service

P&F Meeting

25 November Years 1-2 Celebration Service

Years 7-9 Middle School Presentation Ceremony

26 November Prep Celebration Service
27 November Year 10-11 Last Day

Years 5-6 Celebration Service

30 November Years 9 Celebration Ceremony/Year 9 Dinner

Years 6 Camp

2 December Prep-Year 9 Last Day of Term 4

Primary School BBQ Prep-Year 5

Please see the College calendar for more the most update to date information on these and other events.

Day for Daniel & Online Safety

Today is Day for Daniel – a day that raises awareness of child safety, protection and harm prevention. On this day we focus on educating our students about online safety. Students in Years 3-6 watched Australia’s Biggest Child Safety Lesson. There were also classroom discussions across the College on how students can keep safe online.

As a parent/carer, you can feel a little out of your depth in knowing how to address specific issues or behaviours that you are noticing in your child’s online habits. The eSafety Commissioner website contains a plethora of resources about the ‘Big Issues’.

These issues being:

Due to how rapidly technology is advancing, you may like to consider signing up to receive regular updates from the eSafety Commissioner website.

Here are a couple of extra helpful documents:

If you like listening to podcasts, Digital Families Podcast is all about helping families to maintain a healthy and safe environment around digital technology. Listen here.

If you are concerned about your child’s use of technology, feel free to contact the Pastoral Care Team at


Louise Klar

Head of Pastoral Care & Growth/College Counsellor

Curriculum Matters

As our Year 12 students begin their External Assessment, it is time to reflect upon the significant changes we have had in Senior Schooling over the past few years. Despite the pandemic, this year is the first time since 1972 that Year 12 students in Queensland are sitting external assessment at the end of their courses of study. This follows a review of school-based assessment in 2014.

From 1972 to 2019 students were taught and assessed on the topics recently covered. Now our students are needing to recall and apply content learned up to 12 months prior. Naturally, regular revision is required to help students (as was the case previously) to be able to prepare for their external assessment tasks. Students should reinforce the content of their lessons by revising the work covered that night, and then setting up a program to continually review their work.

A key to this is the use of learning goals and success criteria. Teachers use these in each lesson to outline the goal of the lesson and then to check for understanding. These learning goals and success criteria should be used to help guide students in the amount of work to be covered on individual topics. When revising, if the student can still meet the success criteria, this topic can be quickly revised and then the next topic can be reviewed. I would encourage students to think about the challenge questions and not to just complete the questions they can answer easily.

Although there is an expectation that students will need to work consistently on their work, a question I often pose is not how hard you are working, but how smart are you working?

Kind regards,

Wayne van den Bos

Director of Senior Phase

I love Term 4… and not just because the Christmas holidays can be heard jingling in the background!

I love the way in which we get to celebrate the amazing achievements of our students. I love the Presentation events and the farewells to Year 12. I love the way in which the College community can come together and honour the students’ application to all areas of school life.

This year brings some changes to how we celebrate due to the restrictions that keep us all safe. For most of our events we are unable to host parents on-site, but do trust that you find watching the “Livestream” events with your child a great opportunity to connect and celebrate as a family.

There is an enormous investment of planning going into the final day for Year 12 (20 November). This event will have Year 12 parents in attendance with a letter being sent home soon (if it hasn’t already) with more information.

Our Co-Curricular Presentation Ceremony (15 October) was a great success and all of Years 7 to 12 shared in celebrating the achievements of 221 students receiving 309 awards. These achievements are made for the roar of crowds; the applause of audience and the admiration of peers. In Week 2 the Secondary school was the crowd and we became the audience that these great endeavours deserved.

The Co-Curricular Presentation Ceremony recognises the fullest representation of the Genesis student. It is a blessing from God that we enjoy the greatest of co-curricular opportunities here at our school.


Stuart Taylor

Head of School – Secondary 


Primary School Highlights

Day for Daniel 2020 

Today the whole College is coming together in a meaningful way to acknowledge Day for Daniel. Students are wearing a red item and brought a monetary donation to school towards the Daniel Morcombe Foundation. 

The story of Daniel Morcombe is a difficult and sad one, and as such we share themes of staying safe for our Primary children in age-relevant and appropriate contexts. This year we are focussing on staying safe online. It is often helpful as parents to have some simple rules to share with your kids as they navigate the online world. Please watch this short YouTube clip which summarises these nicely I believe, and I would encourage you to be discussing this with your children.

As a College, we also have a mandate to keep our students safe online. With this in mind, I would like to share with you a message from our Director of IT, Mark Missenden, about how we are further developing this in the Primary School. 

“One of the greatest challenges that we have had to face as a College community this year is finding alternative ways to provide our students with as many opportunities as we can in this post-COVID world. Whether it’s a musical performance or award presentation ceremony where we haven’t been able to invite our wider College community to attend, we’ve been limited to a live stream as our next best option. Or when our students have been unable to attend the campus for some reason, we can deliver the day’s lesson via our online learning platforms. When a challenge in 2020 has been presented, the world has often turned to an online digital alternative. This may be disappointing in many respects as we love having our wider College community here at the campus with us, however it also presents some opportunities to explore new ways to approach old problems.  

As a College, our dependency on digital services to continue to provide quality education has certainly increased as we leverage these platforms. Additionally, our awareness of the increased online risks that are present is also heightened. As such, we use some sophisticated web filtering software to protect our students from inadvertently browsing to sites that are considered unsafe while using their school-issued iPad devices on campus. Recently, we have been trialling a change to iPad devices which offers this same protection policy whether the device is at the College or at home. This trial and testing phase has been successful, and over the next 2 weeks this change will be deployed to iPads that are taken home by students (Grades 4, 5 and 6). This change will mean that students will have the same user experience on their iPads both at the school and home. 

Thank-you all so much for your understanding. We realise the challenges of educating our children to be good digital citizens is becoming harder as the world continues to shift toward online mediums, and so as we partner with you on this journey we are hopeful that changes such as these will help to facilitate this process. 

 Class Allocations for 2021 

Over the course of the next few weeks and into December, we will be allocating students to particular classes for 2021.   

This is a complex process which is taken seriously by all the staff to ensure we have balanced classes in every year level. Our process takes into account numerous factors which include, academic abilities and needssocial and emotional considerationsgender issues including numbers, as well as students and families who have challenges or needs in this area.  

Every year we have new students arriving, as well as Genesis students leaving and so consideration goes into where these new students are placed, especially if students have to be moved between classes to balance numbers.  

Consultation occurs with the Learning Support Staff and the Pastoral Care staff as part of this process as well. Friendship matters are also a consideration; however, they cannot be a determining factor if it will result in a class not being balanced. 

From what has been shared, you can see that the process is taken seriously and is comprehensive, fair and one which results in four equally distributed classes in each year level. It is therefore understandable that the College cannot consider requests for individual teachers as the College needs to consider the whole cohort not the preferences of a select few. Importantly, we ask that you trust the College in placing your child in the right class, with the right teacher and with a comfortable group of friends. 

Thank you for your continuing support as we partner together in the education of your children. 

Yours sincerely,

Jeremy Williamson 

Head of School – Primary  



Secondary Sport

Term 4 is always an exciting time of year when we recognise and acknowledge the many student achievements in sport at Genesis. I believe it is also an important time for students to reflect on the many people who have had a positive impact on their success whether it be their parents, grandparents or family friends who drive them to their trainings and games; or Genesis staff and club coaches who freely give their time to support, mentor and encourage them. A concept I have been sharing with the students is to be thankful and grateful for the significant adults in their lives and to take the time to thank them personally and to show them their appreciation.

To all families, Genesis staff and club coaches, thank you for all that you do to support our students in their endeavours.

Secondary Schools Carnival Term 3

Track and Field Results

Overall Standings

  • 1st – Bethel
  • 2nd – Shiloh
  • 3rd – Jericho
  • 4th – Gilead

House Spirit Trophy

  • Middle School – Bethel
  • Senior School – Gilead

Age Champions

12 Years Girls

  • 1st Age Champion – Meg
  • 2nd Age Champion – Emma
  • 3rd Age Champion – Ella

12 Years Boys

  • 1st Age Champion – Nick
  • 2nd Age Champion – Xavier
  • 3rd Age Champion – Luka

13 Years Girls

  • 1st Age Champion – Malayah
  • 2nd Age Champion – Ashley
  • 3rd Age Champion – Haley

13 Years Boys

  • 1st Age Champion – Declan
  • 2nd Age Champion – Lachlan
  • 3rd Age Champion – James

14 Years Girls

  • 1st Age Champion – Ella
  • 2nd Age Champion – Grace
  • 3rd Age Champion – Vyeisha

14 Years Boys

  • 1st Age Champion – Malachi
  • 2nd Age Champion – Harry
  • 3rd Age Champion – Alexander

15 Years Girls

  • 1st Age Champion – Sophie
  • 2nd Age Champion – Shandri
  • 3rd Age Champion – Hayley

15 Years Boys

  • 1st Age Champion – Ben
  • 2nd Age Champion – Caelan
  • 3rd Age Champion – Mitchell

16 Years Girls

  • 1st Age Champion – Ella
  • 2nd Age Champion – Charlize
  • 3rd Age Champion – Keira

16 Years Boys

  • 1st Age Champion – William
  • 2nd Age Champion – Travis
  • 3rd Age Champion – Joseph

17 Years Girls

  • 1st Age Champion – Georgia
  • 2nd Age Champion – Alyssa
  • 3rd Age Champion – Torryn

17 Years Boys

  • 1st Age Champion – Riley
  • 2nd Age Champion – Keagan
  • 3rd Age Champion – Luke

Record Breakers:

  • Maddy – 14 Shotput
  • Vyeisha – 14 Discus
  • Shandri – 15 Discus
  • Lucy – 16 Shotput
  • Charlize – 16 Triple jump
  • Keagan – Open Javelin
  • Kylah – Open Javelin


This year, Genesis were fortunate enough to participate in the BOSNL season entering two Year 7 and 8 teams, an Intermediate Year 9/10 team and a Senior team.

The final placings were:

  • Junior 1 team: 1st
  • Junior 2 team: 5th
  • Intermediate team: 3rd
  • Senior team: 7th

Congratulations to the following girls who were nominated in the BOSNL All Star team. This team in formed by the top 7 girls on MVP points for the season.

  • Audrey (Intermediates All Star)
  • Maddy (Juniors All Star)
  • Ashley (Juniors All Star)
  • Riley (Juniors All Star)

A special thank you to Miss Lauren Klingberg (Netball Coordinator), Caitlin Hird, Isabella Russell, Jessica Moy and Jessica Vorster for their dedication and commitment to the students.

Congratulations to all the Netball girls for their achievements!


Genesis competed in the BOSL Futsal competition in the Junior Boys, Senior Boys and Senior Girls divisions. Both our Senior Boys and Senior Girls teams made it to the final, where the Senior Girls (coached by Mr Chris Reynolds) won by a convincing 6-1 score line with Amy Vorster being selected into the All BOSL team. The Senior Boys team (coached by Mr Jayden Lee-Smith and comprising of Year 10s) came up against a strong opposition of Year 12s in the final and were runners up in the competition. Well done to all the students for a great year.


Over the weekend of the 16-18 October, the Girls Junior Volleyball Team competed at the Gold Coast for the Volleyball Queensland Junior Schools Cup.  With 313 teams, it was a huge weekend of competition. The girls played their absolute best and were able to secure a game win and several set victories against some experienced teams while having lots of fun and exuded the Genesis Spirit. A special thank you to Tom Connolly (Volleyball Coordinator), Jade Walters and Kristy Clarkson (Team Managers) and Albert Diloi and Penny Williams (Coaches)


Congratulations to Janelle (Year 8) for her selection into the Met North 13-15 Years Girls Cricket team.




  • Charlize (Year 11) recently competed in the State Titles for Club Netball and was selected into the U17 Queensland squad. This is an outstanding achievement and we wish her the best of success at the Nationals.

Cross Country / Track & Field:

Harrison (Year 8) has achieved some outstanding results this year placing 6th in the State Championships for Cross Country and 3rd place in the 3000 metres at the State Track and Field Championships. Harrison qualified for the Qld team in both sports: however, with COVID restrictions there will be no National Championships this year. Well done to Harrison on these achievements in 2020.


  • Ian (Year 8) has been selected for the Football Qld development program and represents the Brisbane region in the State league. Teams involved in this tournament include the Brisbane Roar Academy squad. This is a great achievement and we wish Ian all the best of success.
  • Declan (Year 7) is part of the Brisbane Roar Development squad and his team has qualified for the Champions league. Declan has a very bright future in Football and we wish him all the best in this upcoming championship.


  • Lucy (Year 7) recently competed in the State Championships with the Northside Wizards and her team won a Silver medal. We also wish Lucy all the best in the upcoming Basketball School State Championships.


  • Congratulations to Chris (Year 8) in representing the Redcliffe region both as a player and umpire at the recent Softball State Championships.

Karate / Taekwondo:

  • James (Year 8) achieved his black belt in the Australian Goju Kai Karate and was of only three students commended for stand-out excellence on the day. Well done James.
  • James (Year 8) achieved his black belt in Taekwondo at a recent grading event at the Pine Rivers Showground. He has been involved in the sport for six years and is to be commended for his hard work and perseverance.


Anthony Arro

Director of Sport – Secondary

Primary Sports

It has been fabulous to watch our sporting calendar start to fill up and see our students have the opportunity to participate in the various events that have been happening.

BOSL Football

Our BOSL football team had a great season under the guidance of Mr Paul Johnson. They fought hard each game and ultimately finished the competition in 3rd place.  Congratulations to Jonty McCreadie who was selected into the All-BOSL Football team.

 BOSL Netball

Genesis entered two Netball teams into the BOSL competition this year. Our Genesis 1 team were very strong competitors who trained and played hard throughout the season. The girls played a very competitive final and should be extremely proud of their efforts with 2nd place. A huge thank you to Mrs Kate Johnson for leading the girls this season.

Our Genesis 2 team developed great experience and skills throughout their season. The girls played with heart and sportsmanship each game finishing in 4th place. Thanks you to Miss Kloe Phelan for coaching the team this year.

Congratulations to Olivia who was selected into the All-BOSL Netball team.

QSS Aquathlon

Unfortunately, the QSS Aquathlon at Kawana Waters did not go ahead due to the weather.

QSS Netball

Last weekend Olivia had the honour of representing Met North at the QSS State Championships. She finished 6th overall, being named” Player of the game” for 2 of her games.

NISSA Gala Days

We took part in our first NISSA Gala Day at the end of August. It was so great for the students in Years 4-6 to finally get the opportunity to represent their teams and our College on the day. They have been working hard towards developing their skills and teamwork during Friday Sport.

Our final Gala Day is today, Friday 30 October.

Swimming Carnival

Our annual Years 3-6 Swimming Carnival will be held on Friday 6 November. Please refer to the Genesis App for detailed information. The students are very much looking forward to representing their houses on the day. We look forward to finding out who will bring home the House Championship this year?

A reminder that all Olympic nominations are finalized. Any student can participate in the Commonwealth (25m events) and National (16m novelty – learn to swim pool) events on the day with no prior nominations needed.

Swimming Lessons

Our Years 3-6 swimming lessons have been going well in preparation for the swimming carnival. A reminder these lessons finish at the end of Week 4, with the exception of Year 5, who have their final lesson on Monday of Week 5.

Our Prep-2 students start their swimming lesson block in Week 5 with 2 lessons a week. Detailed information can be found on the Genesis App.

Photo Gallery


Louise McCarthy

Director of Sport – Primary

Year 10 Camp – PCYC Bornhoffen

Year 10 Camp – PCYC Bornhoffen

PCYC Bornhoffen in the Gold Coast hinterland, was a spectacular and inspiring mountain setting for our Year 10 camp.

The focus of the program was to facilitate connections, build friendships and develop student confidence. The students participated in a facilitated experiential and adventure based learning program that was designed to allow them to become independent while learning new skills.

Activities included advanced creeking, abseiling, high ropes, raft building and canoeing. While it was amazing to see just how many students had a great time with their camp experience, it was the benefits and outcomes of the positive stories, and the impact this had on students that really stood out.

The many outdoor activities undertaken by the students focused on developing qualities essential for adult life including leadership, developing resilience, and teamwork. Students learned the importance of listening to each other, volunteering, trusting in their abilities, and encouraging others.

On return from camp, students reflected on their three days during their Journey Continues classes. Many students mentioned that they overcame fears, made new connections with their peers, achieved things they didn’t think were possible and felt more confident within themselves, which is a fantastic outcome.

Kind regards,

Sally-Ann Arro

Care & Conduct Leader – Year 10

Year 9 Camp – Kenilworth

Year 9 Camp – Kenilworth

In early September, 130 Year 9 students headed into the wilderness (Kenilworth!) for their survival camp. This camp is an integral part of the Rite Journey where students are pushed out of their comfort zones, and made to rely on those who could support them.

Throughout the 4-day camp, the students were challenged through high rope activities, mountain biking, hiking through a mountain range, cooking their own breakfasts/lunches and dinners, as well as be at peace for a duo/ solo camp out. They were also given the opportunity to solidify their friendships in their Rite Journey groups as well as enjoy a camp fire at the end of their day.

The Rite Journey team and I were extremely proud of how the Year 9s were able to be resilient through the challenges of camp as well as how they supported one another. If you get the chance, have a chat to a Year 9 student, as there are so many stories of pride from accomplishing the challenge of Year 9 camp!

Year 5 Camp – Somerset

Year 5 Camp – Somerset

Year 5 camp was a wonderful experience for one and all! The children displayed their best manners, the teachers had a ball and also showed their best manners (!). The instructors were impressed with the adventurous spirits among our Year 5 students and the cook blessed us with delicious food!

The list could go on and on about all the positive aspects of Camp Somerset and our time there. The most popular activities were raft building (causing much serious discussion and laughter) and canoeing in the lake.

The activities that caused the most ‘fear’ and challenge were the Giant Swing (huge screams from lots of people, especially Miss Hilford) and the Koala Climb. The Koala Climb was challenging and went to a great height. Students clambered up the tree with agility and courage and it was fun to watch.

What a blessing to be able to go to the Year 5 Camp after the year we have had. Camp Somerset sits in a beautiful part of Queensland and we appreciated the nature and glory of God all around us.


Sandra Greenwood

Year 5 Teacher


Year 4 Camp – Mudjimba Apex Park

Year 4 Camp – Mudjimba Apex Park

We left school on Wednesday morning, 9 September with 132 happy and excited campers. We arrived to glorious sunshine and then started our adventure at Mudjimba Apex Park at Twin Waters.

Our theme for camp was all about ‘Facing our Giants’. Many students had new experiences and challenged themselves to participate in activities which at first may have seemed a little daunting but much celebration was had once we were able to overcome our fears.

In our camp devotions, we heard the stories of David and Peter and how they faced their giants or fears and were able to do great things with God’s help.

Students had a mud pit experience, learnt bush skills, climbed a large wall, swung on medium to high ropes, participated in archery and completed orienteering with a twist, swimming, and so much more.

Pancakes, hamburgers, roast beef and vegies and egg and bacon were just some of the yummy food dished up for hungry campers. The camp staff mentioned several times how our students were respectful and displayed good manners so they were being fabulous ambassadors for our school community.

We left camp during heavy rain, but that didn’t not dampen our spirits. We came home with many stories, a bag full of clothes needing a wash and ready for a big sleep.


The Year 4 Team

Year 3 Camp – QCCC Brookfield

Year 3 Camp – QCCC Brookfield

Our Year 3 students really enjoyed their trip to QCCC Brookfield for their first ever Genesis school Camp. The facilities at Brookfield were just beautiful and it was so lovely to be surrounded by nature. We participated in many physical activities such as abseiling, a nature hike, a flora and fauna workshop, archery, and team challenges such as competing to see who can put their tent up fastest!

We quickly discovered the power of teamwork to overcome our challenges big and small, and encouraged each other to be confident, positive and courageous. At night time we enjoyed games and a great devotion story led by Mr Cobb. Students really enjoyed the delicious food and the kind and caring nature of the staff and outdoor education providers. They were amazing at weaving a story or theme of Christian worldview into every activity.

It was a time of great relationship building, and we want to thank all of the amazing parent helpers for the inspiring way they cared for each and every student; supporting the teachers so that everyone could have a safe and successful first school camp.

Kind regards,

Catriona Bennett

Innovation and Learning Leader



Dramatic Arts

It has been a great opportunity and joy-filled season in the Dramatic Arts department!

Our Mini, Junior and Senior Dance Companies had a fabulous, shortened competition season at ‘Everybody Sing and Dance Now’, ‘Phoenix Online Dance Competition’ and ‘The Australian Pinnacle Dance Challenge’. The teams rose to the challenge, performing beautifully and representing Genesis very well. Their placings are evidence of their grit, passion and talent:

  • 6 x 1st
  • 9 x 2nd
  • 2 x 3rd
  • 2 x HC

Our dedicated performing arts students took up the challenge of creating incredible online entries in the categories of music, short film, costume design, dance and monologue in the Shakefest competition. Out of our 11 entries, Liza, Cate and Caitlyn created submissions in costume design, monologue and dance, which earned them a place at the State Finals.

The inaugural ‘Rise Up 2020’ event was a raging success, involving our Primary and Secondary students creating their own dance works and competing for some exciting prizes. The entrants, Mini, Junior and Senior Dance Companies, Show Choir and Senior Dance class performed to both a live and virtual audience, and shone on stage in what was a memorable two evenings of dance.

As the year begins to draw to a close, the celebrations have begun. Our Junior and Senior Dance Companies enjoyed a special breakup dinner and our Show Choir enjoyed a celebratory afternoon at Bullocky’s Rest, bringing closure to the year that was.

We consider ourselves so blessed to have enjoyed a ‘normal-ish’ few months and I wish to applaud each student on their commitment to their performing arts endeavours.

“You have turned my mourning into joyful dancing. You have taken away my clothes of mourning and clothed me with joy.” Psalm 30:11

Kind regards,

Emily Briddock

Innovation and Learning Leader – Dramatic Arts – 7-12

Book Week

Competition Winners

 The winners of the ‘Create a Curious Creature’ competition are:

  • Prep: Katie
  • Year 1: Reuben
  • Year 2: Heike
  • Year 3: Caitlin
  • Year 4: Lilly
  • Year 5: Ewan
  • Year 6: Levi
  • Year 7: Jane
  • Year 9: Aaron
  • Year 12: Brooke

This is an example of a ‘Curious creatures, creative minds’ competition winning entry, from Caitlin: “Ben the brainy bookworm has ten pairs of arms and eyes so he can read lots of books at once because he loves going on adventures in his mind”.

Congratulations to the Singh and May families who each won one of the two $100 book vouchers when they purchased books online from The Book Curator.

Well done to the 216 students (mainly in Primary) who participated in the 2020 Queensland Premier’s Reading Challenge. Over 905 schools and 318 centres took part, combining more than 161,000 Queensland children reading over 2.23 million books!

Thank you so much to our outgoing Year 12 Student Library Council Captain, Cassie, and Vice-Captain, Tharina. We appreciated your dedication and love of reading.


Joy Payne

Director of Library Services

Eden Eats – New Menu

Welcome to Term 4! We hope you’re hungry, as the team at Eden Eats has been working hard on a new menu!

Take a look at the new Spring / Summer menu!

The new menu:

  • reflects the warmer months ahead – hello fresh salads (new option every week!)
  • introduces some yummy lunch options like rice paper rolls (available Tuesday and Wednesday only)
  • includes some sneaky treats like a choc fudge cake bar.

Tp an eye out for our monthly specials, which include delicious winter warmers.

Eden Eats is open before school from 7:30am until after school at 3:30pm.

Ben, Juliette and Hezel

Your Eden Eats Team

Uniform Shop

Back to School Uniform Shop News

Shop Hours

New and Second Hand Uniforms

  • 11 – 15 January 2021
  • 18 – 19 January 2021
  • One family per appointment only – appointments only on these days
  • Please email to make an appointment.

Collection of lay‐bys, online orders & exchange items ONLY

  • Wednesday, 20 January 2021 ‐ utilising a numbering system

General Days
Thursday 21 January ‐Friday 22 January 2021
8.30am to 3.00pm
Closed 12.00pm‐12.30pm

Shop hours all days except Thursday 21 ‐Friday 22 January 2020
8.30am to 3.30pm
Closed 12.00‐12.30pm

Flexischools Online
You can purchase online anytime during this period and orders will be processed when we return from holidays and pick up will be Wednesday 20 January 2021 using a numbering system.

The uniform shop has a lay‐by system that is offered to all our families in the College. When using this system we require a 20% deposit and regular payments, with the lay‐by being finalised within 3 months. We encourage our families to utilise this system in order to alleviate the January rush.

Shoes Requirement Extract for 2021:

  • Prep: Joggers with College sport socks (Velcro straps are recommended for independence).
  • Years 1 and 2: Buckle up or Velcro strap regulation black leather/vinyl shoes are acceptable.
  • Years 1‐12: Regulation black leather/vinyl lace up shoes (not boots, joggers or slip‐ons). Ballet style slip‐on shoes or heels higher than 2.5cm, for girls are not permitted for safety reasons.
    • Sport shoes must be recognised running cross training, netball, tennis or low‐cut basketball shoes predominately white, which provide foot support, and are to be worn with the sports uniform. Fashion sports shoes that do not provide ankle and arch support i.e. skate shoes, Volleys, canvas slip‐ons or Converse shoes are not permitted. Cleat shoes are not to be worn away from the fields. Grass is to be cleaned from shoes before entering the toilet/change block and classrooms. Only white shoe laces are acceptable in sports shoes. Coloured shoe laces
      Including black laces are unacceptable. Shoes must be kept clean and in good condition


Cathy van Vuuren
Uniform Shop Coordinator

Beat the rush – purchase uniforms now for 2021!

If you purchase uniforms now and are concerned they may not fit in 2021, just leave the tags on and we can exchange the items on Wednesday 20 January 2021.

2nd Hand Uniforms
We can only accept the following second hand uniform items. Cut off for accepting uniforms will be Friday, 4 December at 12pm.

  • School bags
  • Library bags
  • Hats
  • Blazers
  • House Shirts
  • Sports shirts (Primary & Secondary)
  • Sports Shorts
  • Secondary Girls Blouses
  • Secondary Boys Shirts.

We have sufficient of all other stock.

Uniform items should be clean and in good condition. At the discretion of the College, we will not accept any items that have not been laundered or are in poor condition.

Please bring uniforms to the Uniform Shop during our opening hours:

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

  • 8:15am to 9:45am
  • 2:30pm to 3:30pm

All items must be bagged with name and address. Uniforms are paid via direct deposit. Thank you for your cooperation.

Flexischools Online
You can purchase online anytime during this period and orders will be processed when we return from holidays and pick up will be Wednesday 20 January 2021 using a numbering system.

The uniform shop has a lay‐by system that is offered to all our families in the College. When using this system we require a 20% deposit and regular payments, with the lay‐by being finalised within 3 months. We encourage our families to utilise this system in order to alleviate the January rush.

Shoes Requirement Extract for 2021:

  • Prep: Joggers with College sport socks (Velcro straps are recommended for independence).
  • Years 1 and 2: Buckle up or Velcro strap regulation black leather/vinyl shoes are acceptable.
  • Years 1‐12: Regulation black leather/vinyl lace up shoes (not boots, joggers or slip‐ons). Ballet style slip‐on shoes or heels higher than 2.5cm, for girls are not permitted for safety reasons.
    • Sport shoes must be recognised running cross training, netball, tennis or low‐cut basketball shoes predominately white, which provide foot support, and are to be worn with the sports uniform. Fashion sports shoes that do not provide ankle and arch support i.e. skate shoes, Volleys, canvas slip‐ons or Converse shoes are not permitted. Cleat shoes are not to be worn away from the fields. Grass is to be cleaned from shoes before entering the toilet/change block and classrooms. Only white shoe laces are acceptable in sports shoes. Coloured shoe laces
      Including black laces are unacceptable. Shoes must be kept clean and in good condition

Back to School Shop Hours

New and Second Hand Uniforms

  • Monday 11 ‐ Friday 15 January 2021
  • Monday 18, Tuesday 19 January 2021
  • One family per appointment only – appointments only on these days
  • Please email anytime or ring Uniform Shop 3882 9031 until Wed, 2 Dec 2020 to make an appointment.
  • If an appointment is still required after this date, please email ONLY

Collection of lay‐bys, online orders & exchange items ONLY

  • Wednesday 20 January 2021 ‐ utilising a numbering system

General Days
Thursday 21 January ‐Friday 22 January 2021
8.30am to 3.00pm
Closed 12.00pm‐12.30pm

Shop hours all days except Thursday 21 ‐Friday 22 January 2020
8.30am to 3.30pm
Closed 12.00‐12.30pm

Cathy van Vuuren
Uniform Shop Coordinator

Parenting Insights – Wellbeing strategies for parents

The coronavirus pandemic and its associated disruptions are beginning to take a toll on our mental health and wellbeing. You don’t need to look far in your community or social networks to identify a worrying trend of people experiencing a range of challenging emotions including mood swings, despair, anger, sullenness and lack of motivation.

People who usually pride themselves on being able to manage most difficulties that come their way now find themselves suddenly unable to cope, leading to a profound sense of disappointment. A number of people have spoken about feeling guilty for being a less than perfect parent, partner, teacher, work colleague or friend during these times.

This inability to cope is understandable. Our capacity to adapt to acutely stressful situations such as natural disasters has been severely depleted by the long-term nature of the pandemic. It’s common in situations of great uncertainty to feel exhausted and experience periods of burnout. Coupled with this is a sense of loss that many people feel – loss of connection to friends and family, loss of freedom and a loss of a way of life.

There is no handbook for functioning in a pandemic however it’s apparent that we need to accept that our lives will be different for some time. It also helps to expect less of yourself, which is the opposite to how high-achievers and perfectionists ordinarily operate. Feeling comfortable with uncertainty takes some getting used to as most of us have an innate wish to feel in control.

Daily wellbeing treats

Self-care is a proven remedy to most wellbeing ailments, but it’s ironic that for many of us our self-care activities have been restricted by the coronavirus. Coffee with friends, a massage or a visit to the gym and other such activities are out for many people. However, this doesn’t mean that we should neglect our mental health and wellbeing. Instead we need to look closer to home for our regular wellbeing treats. Things that help include regular deep breathing to start the body’s relaxation response, practising moments of mindfulness to shut down mental chatter, finding hidden exercise opportunities to promote mood-enhancing endorphins and spending time each day in calm-inducing green space.

Resilience bank account

During my conversations one person described living in this era as “always feeling a little off balance, like standing in a dinghy in a rough sea and not knowing when the storm will pass.”

Our mental reserves are constantly been called upon, so it’s necessary to build regular practices into our lives that build our resilience. Hopefully, most of us had bulging resilience bank accounts before the pandemic hit but it’s never too late start. Attending to areas such as sleep, good nutrition, regular exercise, relationship-building and self-care help keep our resilience buckets filled up.

Humans are adaptive and can get better at anything with practice, including living through a once in a century pandemic and all the changes it brings to our lives.

By Michael Grose.

Michael Grose, founder of Parenting Ideas, is one of Australia’s leading parenting educators. He’s the author of 12 books for parents including “Spoonfed Generation” and the best-selling

“Why First Borns Rule the World and Last Borns Want to Change It”. His latest release Anxious Kids, was co-authored with Dr Jodi Richardson

Education for the common good

Exploring exemplary education and the positive impacts of Christian education in society.

Recently, Associated Christian Schools and McCrindle Research undertook research in the Australian Christian Schooling sector, of which Genesis is a member. The research looked at the impact of Christian education on society. We’re proud to be a College that provides an education for the common good while intentionally living out our values.

Below is a summary of the key findings:

For more information,  please read the full report here.


Paul Sterling