Living & Learning Through Tough Times

As the term draws to a close, I can’t help but reflect upon the journey that we have each travelled in recent monthsWe have all faced significant change, great uncertainty and numerous adjustments to our regular and ‘normal’ life and there is likely more to come.  

In Ezekiel 33:10 it says that God’s people cried out whist they were in exile and said, “How should we then live?”  

As we consider this question ourselves following this recent challenge, I would like to suggest that this season has reminded us of the importance of human connection, the importance of family and the importance of community. At Genesis, the sense of connection and community that we seek to foster for our staff, students and families is of critical importance to us. Fundamentally for the education of a child to be effective, it requires a unified partnership between home and school.  Developing a strong and united community allows students to feel secure and safe, which in turn enhances their overall well-being. May we continue to work together to strive with relentless passion to maintain and strengthen this sense of community, care and support that we so appreciate at Genesis. 

Secondly, as we consider this question, ‘how should we then live?’ …. God calls us to live a life of confidence, hope and peace in the knowledge that our creator God remains in control of all things, even in seasons of change and uncertainty. We are reminded to live lives of faith and not fear; lives of hope, not hopelessness. My prayer is that as a community, we enter the ‘next normal’ stronger than we were before. 

As you embark upon the school holidays, I trust that your family will enjoy a refreshing break. We look forward to connecting again at the start of Term 3. 


Paul Sterling