Parenting and Leadership. What is the difference?

Welcome to my first article in our new format and under the heading Leadership Voice.

Recently, I was talking to a group of parents about the challenges of leading a team the size we have here at Genesis. By the end of the conversation, we realised that many of the challenges were no different to those faced by parents. See if any of the following five points resonate with your experiences in the workplace and at home as a parent.

Discipline: It is important that behavioural expectations and roles are the same for all. Therefore, allowing one child to get away with poor behaviour can break the trust with the other children.

Accountability: Taking responsibility for their behaviours, bedrooms and how they conduct their relationships is critical for the whole family to function effectively. The earlier in their journey this accountability starts, the better. Lack of accountability and consequences go hand in hand and there is no better place to learn this than the misuse of social media.

Praise: Is there anyone that does not like to know they are doing a great job? Positive, reassuring feedback builds self-worth and self-confidence and this usually translates into improved productivity.

Respect: Is usually a two way interaction, parent to child, child to parent. When in place, the relationship is enhanced and usually flourishes because it is more likely that collaboration is happening and therefore, the environment is more positive.

Restraint: Amongst other things, restraint is about us realising we are not going to get things to go our way all the time. Teaching and modelling to our children how to negotiate in a non-confrontational manner is a skill that will stand them in good stead for life.

Brian Barker