Year 9 Survival Camp

Care and Conduct – Year 9 Survival Camp

In Week 8, Year 9 students undertook a 5-day Survival Camp near Noosa on the Sunshine Coast. The intention of the camp was to put the students in new and challenging situations, encourage teamwork and co-operation, and to spend time in personal reflection. Right from the moment they stepped off the bus, the students knew this was different to previous camps when they were told they had a series of challenges and tasks, and their dinner was conditional on how well they completed them as a team.

Students had to build their own fires, prepare and cook their food themselves, and ensure all the necessary washing up and other duties were complete. Sleeping in tents was not new for most, but kangaroo’s and goannas walking around through the night was new for some.

Activities on the camp included learning how to transport and filter water, light a fire and hard boil an egg, all while working as a team. There was also a challenge to build working rafts and retrieve prizes while other students built catapults and fired wet sponges to protect the prizes. Survival skills were also taught, with methods of building shelters put into practice while on a bush walk.

The highlight for many students, and all teachers, was the 24-hour solo. Students were given their own spot along a bush trail and left with a large bag of food, a tarp and a swag if they chose. While on the solo, students had several small tasks to complete that included attempting a knotwork bracelet and a letter to their future selves that were collected and will be handed back when the students are in Year 12. Many people said how much they enjoyed the solitude and not having any digital devices with them, all the students said it was an experience that they would remember.

A big thankyou to all the staff that went above and beyond all week to ensure the students had an enjoyable and worthwhile experience.

Andrew Duncan

Year 9 Care and Conduct Leader