Year 3 Term 3 Wrap Up

Term 3 has well and truly been a busy one for our Year 3 students!

Year 3 Camp

The highlight of our Term was definitely the Year 3 students’ first overnight camp at QCCC Brookfield. The students had a ball learning new skills, developing new friendships and enjoying the fun of being away with their classmates and teachers for a night!

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Earlier in the term, we travelled for an excursion to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. This excursion formed an important part of our Science Unit that included investigating Living and Non-Living things, classifying animals in their scientific groups and exploring ways we can be Wildlife Warriors to care for our native animals. Further to this, as part of our PBL we are designing bird feeders to attract native birds to our gardens.

Smudge visits Year 3!

We also had a very cute four legged furry friend visit out classrooms, following our very persuasive letters to Mr Williamson about why Genesis would benefit from having a therapy dog! We were blessed to have a visit from Dr Michelle Farbotko from Wag Therapy and her furry friend Smudge.

We pray our students and their families enjoy a relaxing holiday after such a big term in Year 3!

Natasha Fox

Year 3 Innovation & Learning Leader