Year 6 Graduation Dinner

Farewell Year 6!

As Primary School draws to a close for our Year 6 students, one of the most exciting events on the calendar is the Year 6 Graduation Dinner.

This dinner is a celebration of the journey through Primary, and it is amazing to see how far the students have come. The evening also provides the rare opportunity to dress up a little! Our students had the chance to show their maturity and manners as they talked with friends and teachers alike about their favourite (and perhaps not so favourite) moments of the year.

We were fortunate to have some thoughtful and challenging words from the 2021 Year 7 Care and Conduct Leader, Miss Lauren Klingberg, as well as a vote of thanks from Mr Jeremy Williamson. Mr Paul Cobb made a surprise video appearance despite being many miles away to wish the Year 6 cohort well. The teachers provided great entertainment through the ‘How Well Do You Know Your Teacher?’ quiz, as many weird and wacky facts came to light. We were also fortunate to have Andino, the illusionist come along and share some truly mind bending tricks that had everyone reluctant to believe their eyes.

Just as unbelievable is how much these wonderful Year 6 students have grown in the past seven years! Many photos of their journey were shared, and it is wonderful to see how much they have matured.

We congratulate our Year 6 Class of 2020 for their achievements in Primary School and wish them all of God’s blessings as they begin their next chapter in Middle School.

With thanks,

Paul Johnson

Care and Conduct Leader – Year 6