Year 10 Camp – PCYC Bornhoffen

Year 10 Camp – PCYC Bornhoffen

PCYC Bornhoffen in the Gold Coast hinterland, was a spectacular and inspiring mountain setting for our Year 10 camp.

The focus of the program was to facilitate connections, build friendships and develop student confidence. The students participated in a facilitated experiential and adventure based learning program that was designed to allow them to become independent while learning new skills.

Activities included advanced creeking, abseiling, high ropes, raft building and canoeing. While it was amazing to see just how many students had a great time with their camp experience, it was the benefits and outcomes of the positive stories, and the impact this had on students that really stood out.

The many outdoor activities undertaken by the students focused on developing qualities essential for adult life including leadership, developing resilience, and teamwork. Students learned the importance of listening to each other, volunteering, trusting in their abilities, and encouraging others.

On return from camp, students reflected on their three days during their Journey Continues classes. Many students mentioned that they overcame fears, made new connections with their peers, achieved things they didn’t think were possible and felt more confident within themselves, which is a fantastic outcome.

Kind regards,

Sally-Ann Arro

Care & Conduct Leader – Year 10