Year 3 Camp – QCCC Brookfield

Year 3 Camp – QCCC Brookfield

Our Year 3 students really enjoyed their trip to QCCC Brookfield for their first ever Genesis school Camp. The facilities at Brookfield were just beautiful and it was so lovely to be surrounded by nature. We participated in many physical activities such as abseiling, a nature hike, a flora and fauna workshop, archery, and team challenges such as competing to see who can put their tent up fastest!

We quickly discovered the power of teamwork to overcome our challenges big and small, and encouraged each other to be confident, positive and courageous. At night time we enjoyed games and a great devotion story led by Mr Cobb. Students really enjoyed the delicious food and the kind and caring nature of the staff and outdoor education providers. They were amazing at weaving a story or theme of Christian worldview into every activity.

It was a time of great relationship building, and we want to thank all of the amazing parent helpers for the inspiring way they cared for each and every student; supporting the teachers so that everyone could have a safe and successful first school camp.

Kind regards,

Catriona Bennett

Innovation and Learning Leader