Year 4 Camp – Mudjimba Apex Park

Year 4 Camp – Mudjimba Apex Park

We left school on Wednesday morning, 9 September with 132 happy and excited campers. We arrived to glorious sunshine and then started our adventure at Mudjimba Apex Park at Twin Waters.

Our theme for camp was all about ‘Facing our Giants’. Many students had new experiences and challenged themselves to participate in activities which at first may have seemed a little daunting but much celebration was had once we were able to overcome our fears.

In our camp devotions, we heard the stories of David and Peter and how they faced their giants or fears and were able to do great things with God’s help.

Students had a mud pit experience, learnt bush skills, climbed a large wall, swung on medium to high ropes, participated in archery and completed orienteering with a twist, swimming, and so much more.

Pancakes, hamburgers, roast beef and vegies and egg and bacon were just some of the yummy food dished up for hungry campers. The camp staff mentioned several times how our students were respectful and displayed good manners so they were being fabulous ambassadors for our school community.

We left camp during heavy rain, but that didn’t not dampen our spirits. We came home with many stories, a bag full of clothes needing a wash and ready for a big sleep.


The Year 4 Team