Year 5 Camp – Somerset

Year 5 Camp – Somerset

Year 5 camp was a wonderful experience for one and all! The children displayed their best manners, the teachers had a ball and also showed their best manners (!). The instructors were impressed with the adventurous spirits among our Year 5 students and the cook blessed us with delicious food!

The list could go on and on about all the positive aspects of Camp Somerset and our time there. The most popular activities were raft building (causing much serious discussion and laughter) and canoeing in the lake.

The activities that caused the most ‘fear’ and challenge were the Giant Swing (huge screams from lots of people, especially Miss Hilford) and the Koala Climb. The Koala Climb was challenging and went to a great height. Students clambered up the tree with agility and courage and it was fun to watch.

What a blessing to be able to go to the Year 5 Camp after the year we have had. Camp Somerset sits in a beautiful part of Queensland and we appreciated the nature and glory of God all around us.


Sandra Greenwood

Year 5 Teacher