The Value of OSHC (Outside School Hour Care)

Children gain real world experiences here at OSHC that enable them to grow and develop holistically. Students enjoy celebrations from around the world and diverse cultures coming together as an extension of their home and classroom settings.

Working within the early primary years, we as educators, have the unique opportunity to greatly influence the growth and development of our OSHC children in various capacities. This includes self-regulation, the ability to respectfully interact with their peers, and develop their vocabulary as well as providing physical opportunities to extend their gross and fine motor skills.

At OSCH, we are able to support this, particularly through the time spent with other children and while ‘play’ takes place. Play is a much underrated but incredibly vital part of a child’s development. Our philosophy stems from a child’s right to play and leisure. We are passionate advocates for children’s rights and feel that children are capable to take on risks in a safe and supportive environment. We feel that children are competent, and if provided the opportunity, will learn by trial and error and provide allowance for making mistakes.

Our program is based on our natural environment and extends beyond the classroom setting. Through this setting, we can promote respect and understanding of a sustainable future. Our service is unique as it offers integration of all primary year levels. It is through this, that we have found children have formed trusting relationships with one another.

For the first time over the past six months, we have opened our doors to our youngest entry level, the Preppies. OSHC has provided the opportunity for these students to form relationships with the older peers and with this, they feel more supported with the transition into their primary years.

Our program and environment allows us to be inclusive of all interests and needs. We base our program on taking a flexible approach, allowing children to solely drive the program. Children are involved in decision making through sharing their interests and desires. We welcome all feedback, encouraging children to voice their opinions, which forms our reflective practice.

It is truly a collaborative partnership where relationships are our key outcome, both with our families and the children that we care for.

If you’d like to join our OSHC Family, please email Susan Cooper  or visit our website.

With thanks,

Susan Cooper

Genesis OSHC Director