Primary Highlights

Dear Parents, 

 As the year draws to a close, it is time to look back on the wonderful year we have had at Genesis, especially in our Primary school. Our students and staff continuously amaze me not just with their exceptional results across sporting, artistic and academic endeavours, but also, and perhaps more importantly, with the dedication to training and studying, humility, and selflessness with which they do this. Our Genesis students consistently perform at the highest levels in all of these areas, within our culture of high expectations, and now is the time to rest and unwind as we head into the holiday season. 

 2022 has been a year of growth and innovation in our Primary school. We opened Stage 21 – The Learning Village to our Year 3s, and have been planning towards Stage 22 scheduled to commence early 2023 to complete this area of Primary. We have enjoyed our Project-Based Learning units of work, making a difference in our own community and others. We have developed and used our Secret Skills to learn how to be effective members of 21st century society; and we have really entered the digital age with all students actively engaged in our Digital Learning platforms! 

Most importantly, our Christian culture has been intrinsic to everything we do through our Chapel services, learning, and events. 


Staff Farewells  

Each year some staff move on from Genesis, and we are truly thankful for their work at the College. 

  •  Pam Rae – has been a Primary teacher at Genesis for many years. Pam will be stepping back from her permanent role at the College to our relief teaching staff. 
  • Anne-Maree Kingston – has been at Genesis for many years as a teacher, then Prep ILL, and now Director of Innovation & Learning. Anne-Maree will be finishing this season at Genesis and moving onto the next stage of her educational journey. 
  • Naomi Shakespeare – has completed 6 months part-time contract work in Year 6 and will move back into our relief teaching staff. 


2023 staff appointments 

We have been very blessed with the very high quality of staff who desire to work at Genesis, and we are excited to announce the following appointments for next year. 

  •  Rachel Nicol – will be joining our teaching team in a full-time capacity in the Lower Primary. Rachel has three children at Genesis and is a very experienced Primary teaching having spent many years working for Education Queensland.
  • Imogen Sweeney – joins us teaching in the Upper Primary. For the last few years Imogen has served as a teacher at Emerald Christian where she taught Years 3 and 4 and Music; amongst also teaching the choir and running some camps!
  • Catriona Bennet – has been promoted to the position of Director of Innovation & Learning for the Primary school. Catriona is a very experienced classroom teacher, and leader in Primary. She has also completed her Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership through QUT.
  • Lisa Aston – has been appointed as a new Innovation & Learning Leader in the Primary school. Lisa joined us 12 months ago as a very experienced classroom teacher. She has advanced qualifications in Gifted Education and has been leading our debating program in Primary this year. 


Primary Colours Assembly  

Recently we conducted our Primary Sports and Colours Co-curricular Awards which combine Sport, Cultural and Service Awards.  We have had a considerable number of students achieving these awards and this is a very healthy sign of a growing program and also an expanding commitment to activities that the College offers beyond the classroom.  

 Through the Colours system, we not only recognise the efforts of many students but also demonstrate to all, the many and varied ways of contributing to our College Life.  By doing so, students gain so much more fulfilment, a sense of worth and a sense of service and well-being and these attributes are so necessary for a balanced and healthy lifestyle.  

 The Colours Scheme provides students with a small incentive to be involved in activities beyond the classroom. Students accumulate colour points varying on the commitment required for training or involvement.  All activities are College based and the Colours system operates across the whole College with a small roll over of points from Primary into Secondary.  Both systems are similar in nature with the end goal for Primary, a Gold award and in Secondary School, full colours, worn on the College Blazer.  


Primary Celebration Services 

The last two weeks of school have seen our annual Primary Celebration services for Prep-2, Year 3&4, and Year 5&6. These services were a fine demonstration of student achievements throughout the year. One particular aspect of the P-4 services special to Genesis is the individual citations. At Genesis, we believe that every student is special in God’s eyes, and brings their own unique skills and talents to make our school a better place. Therefore we don’t just celebrate academic, sporting and cultural achievements, but other aspects of life such as citizenship and character, in every student. 

 I will however give special mention below to our Major award winners from Year 6, as they represent the pinnacle of Primary school achievement. 

  •  Most Valuable Contribution  Senior Primary Choir – Lauren G & Evangeline P  
  • Most Valuable Contribution Brass Ensemble – Lanna G
  • Most Valuable Contribution Concert BandAva J & Evangeline P
  • Most Valuable Contribution Intermediate StringsEvie Y
  • Most Valuable Contribution Bella Voce – Evangeline P & Asher T
  • Most Valuable Contribution Movers & Shakers – Lauren G
  • Most Valuable Contribution Mini Dance Company – Lola B
  • Susan Hay Memorial 2nd Runner Up to Best and Fairest Girl  – 2-way tie – Courtney H & Abby Q
  • Susan Hay Memorial 2nd Runner Up to Best and Fairest Boy  – Flynn S
  • Susan Hay Memorial Runner Up to Best and Fairest Boy – Felix N
  • Susan Hay Memorial Runner Up to Best and Fairest Girl – Amelia L 
  • Susan Hay Memorial Best and Fairest Boy – Matthew T
  • Susan Hay Memorial Best and Fairest Girl  – Indigo K
  • Christian  Citizenship Award – Male – Roman Z
  • Christian Citizenship Award – Female – Lauren G
  • Year 6 Runner Up to Dux – Lio P
  • Year 6 Dux – Luca W


Jeremy Williamson

Head of School – Primary