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Unplug this Easter

Unplug this Easter From the Leadership Team  Recently the College hosted a Parent Information Evening with guest speaker, Brett Lee, former Queensland Police Officer, and detective in the field of Child Exploitation. Brett now works with schools and community groups to provide education on safe and responsible internet use. Encouraging our young people towards safe […]

Pastoral Care

You Matter! You are God’s workmanship, (masterpiece) created in Christ Jesus to do good works which God prepared you to do.’ Ephesians 2:10 Each one of us has been uniquely fashioned. God put time and effort into expertly crafting you to be who you are. The original Greek word for `workmanship’ is poiema, literally meaning a […]

Curriculum Matters

Curriculum Matters Recently the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) released the scaling report for Senior subjects in 2020. This is the first opportunity we have had to see how subjects have been scaled when calculating the ATAR for 2020 students. However, I need to point out that last year the Year 12 students completed one […]

Secondary Highlights

Excellence in Character – Ambassadors for Genesis We have now embarked on our sure and steady character journey. ‘Walk in the Light’ is a framework and vocabulary to describe the Genesis student. As we nurture character with you, the College will be working with students to achieve better than their best (Grow) and use their […]

Primary School Highlights

Primary Highlights One of my favourite parts of being the Head of Primary is interviewing prospective students and families who want to come to Genesis, and we are just about to enter into a season of interviewing our future Prep students for 2022. We are really blessed in our school in that we have a significant […]

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