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Season’s Greetings!

Season’s Greetings!  So, let us be thankful. My hope is that in the midst of our 2020 memories, we can rejoice in the good things as well as the challenges. We can be thankful for the growth we have seen in our children and ourselves; thankful for the hurdles jumped; thankful for the obstacles we […]

Pastoral Care

Well what a year! I am not quite sure how we got to the end of 2020, but here we are.   Recently I heard someone talking about a practise that they like to do at the end of every year and that is to reflect on the year that’s been in an effort to […]

Curriculum Matters

Curriculum Matters – What is in your Hands? At the beginning of the year, our Principal, Mr Sterling, asked Genesis staff the question, “What is in your Hands?”  This turned out to be a very pertinent question, considering the year that we have had. 2020 has certainly brought its challenges, but what it has also […]

Secondary Highlights

Secondary Highlights As tempting as it is to fill my final newsletter with words like ‘unprecedented’, ‘COVID’, and ‘Christmas’; my ambition is to avoid this. There is a very real sense that staff and students are looking towards 2021 as an optimistic horizon. It is surprising how simple things can give bright hope, how new […]

Farewell Class of 2020

Farewell Class of 2020! Year 12 is a challenging journey in a “normal” year, but for the Class of 2020 it was especially difficult. Navigating a new Senior system and subjects added to the challenge, before COVID and online schooling hit, throwing things into disarray. Further challenging the Genesis Year 12s were the tragic events […]

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